4 Tips on How to Choose a Perfect Gift for Him Backed by Psychology

4 Tips on How to Choose a Perfect Gift for Him Backed by Psychology

Do you have an anniversary, birthday, or some other special occasion coming up and want to choose a perfect gift for your beloved? In this case, you should look into the psychology of gifts so you can draw some inspiration from the suggestions of those who literally make a living by understanding people.

How to Choose a Perfect Gift for Him: 4 Psychological Tips

  1. Go for sentimental impact

According to South University, people looking for gifts in romantic relationships choose more sentimental options by default. It’s motivated by the personal nature of the relationship and their subconscious desire to strengthen the intimate bond between partners.

That’s definitely true and something you should make a conscious effort to promote. A sentimental gift is something that will evoke emotion beyond mere satisfaction from getting a cool item. What you need is something that will remind your loved one of a happy memory you share.

Note that this doesn’t mean you have to buy him a Hawaiian shirt instead of the watch he’s been dreaming of in order for it to remind him of your honeymoon. You can simply add a personal touch to the gift, like engraving it with your special endearment or a date only the two of you know the significance of.

  1. Don’t discard tradition

Sometimes choosing a ‘traditional’ gift is the best because it can have a profound sentimental impact in itself. This is most true for wedding anniversaries, as the society has been building its traditions regarding those gifts for centuries.

These traditions are pretty strange and you’ll probably need some additional inspiration, so check out specialized websites that focus on wedding anniversaries like There you can find romantic and practical ideas to fit any taste.

  1. Be selfless

The most important thing to remember when you want to choose a perfect gift for him is that it’s a gift for HIM. Therefore, it must be what he wants and not what you believe he should want. Psychologists agree that a present that makes the most impact is one that is altruistic. Meaning one completely focused on the receiver and not given in the hopes of getting something out of it.

So, for a moment, put yourself out of the equation and analyze everything you know about your man. What are his likes and dislikes? What are his dreams? What puts an unconscious smile on his face? What gets him excited?

Now think about what you can do to give your loved one a moment of true happiness, depending on the answers to the questions above. Remember that a gift doesn’t have to be a single item. In fact, you should consider making the entire day special for your partner and ensure that every part of it realizes his innermost dreams and desires. That’s what a perfect gift is and what can strengthen your relationship most.

  1. Consider personal traditions

As Psychology Today highlights, sometimes people have some preconceived notions of what constitutes the ‘right’ kind of gift. These usually appear due to their upbringing. Our ties to those notions are largely unconscious, so it’s essential to learn what exactly his family traditions of gift giving are.

Remember that a gift one perceives as unthoughtful can trigger immediate rejection and even thoughts that you don’t care enough. To avoid such a huge, and often unforeseen, trigger, be sure to do your research and pay attention to the gifts his family exchanges on holidays.

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