4 Ways a Wrongful Death Can Impact Your Lifestyle

Life and death go together. They comprise a double-sided coin. Every day, thousands of people across the world die in all kinds of ways, but at the same time, thousands more come into being.

This is life perpetuation. The human species is here and thriving, and as long as we continue to procreate, we’ll remain dominant.

However, just because you know death is natural, that doesn’t make it any easier to accept when someone you love perishes. You knew that it had to happen someday, but you’ll miss them and think about them always.

It’s tougher when you know they died needlessly. It’s at these times when you might bring a wrongful death lawsuit. It’s logical if you know your loved one died because of an individual or entity’s negligent or purposeful actions.

A wrongful death can change your life in many ways, so let’s look at some of them right now.


You Might Get a Significant Cash Windfall

One way a wrongful death might change your life is that you may get a big cash windfall. That happens when:

  • You file a wrongful death lawsuit
  • The responsible entity or individual settles, or they lose the suit  

Recently, a Nueces County jury awarded a family $37 million. A company made a defective space heater that killed two Corpus Christi residents.

This is not an atypical outcome if what took place was clearly an individual or entity’s fault. If you bring a lawsuit, and things work out in your favor, you might see a lot of money when it’s over.

It will probably feel bittersweet. You can use that money for all kinds of frivolous or extravagant things if you want. At the same time, it won’t bring your loved one or loved ones back.


You Might Deal with Depression

If your loved one or loved ones died wrongfully, maybe you can’t stop thinking about them. It’s one thing if someone dies from old age or natural causes, but if you know they died needlessly, it’s hard to get over that. You might think about:

  • The time you could have spent together
  • How unfair life is sometimes  

Your brain’s logical part might understand that sometimes bad things happen in the world and that life is not always fair. Just because you know that, though, it doesn’t take the pain away.

You may need to seek therapy for what you’re feeling. Talking to someone about your sadness and anger can sometimes help you work through what occurred.


It Might Cause Family Upheaval

Maybe the individual or individuals who died had kids. Those children are now orphans.

Someone in your family might have to step up and take them in. Maybe that’s the grandparents or an aunt and uncle.

If you’re the one who has to take a child or children in because their parents died in an untimely fashion, it might not be something you ever wanted. Maybe you love this child or these children, but this is a lifestyle change that’s just as difficult for you as it is for them.

Suddenly, familial obligation dictates that you must care for a human being or multiple human beings. You may not feel thrilled about doing so. However, if there’s no one else, you have to do it, or the child or children could end up in foster care.


This Might Monopolize Your Time

If a relation dies suddenly, it might fall to you to conclude their affairs. You might have to go through their things and sell their home. You may have to reconcile all their debts by liquidating their assets.

When someone dies, they can try to get their worldly affairs in order if they know it’s coming. Maybe that’s not what happened here, and you or your family must deal with everything this person or these individuals left behind.

Doubtless, you have lots going on in your own life, and tying up all these loose ends will not happen overnight. You’ll have to talk to lawyers, funeral home operators, religious figures, etc., as you figure out what the deceased wanted to happen when they were gone.


All of this is a lot to handle, and you didn’t ask for it. That’s how life is sometimes. Death can occur suddenly, and when it does, it leaves devastation and an emotional flood in its wake.

Getting through it will not be easy, and you’ll need to be strong and demonstrate your full capabilities in the aftermath.  

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