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CBD vs. CBN: How Do They Compare and What Happens When You Combine Them?

What’s in a letter? The answer is quite a bit when you are talking about differences between CBN and CBD, even though they are both derivatives of the cannabis plant

Although both options do offer similar medicinal properties in direct comparison, the similarities end there and how each is produced, and the way they interact with your body makes them very different.

There is also the question of what happens when you want CBN combined with CBD, so here is a look at the key points.


What is CBN?

Cannabinol (shortened to CBN) was a pioneer in terms of being the first naturally occurring cannabinoid to be successfully isolated in its purest form.

Initially, it was believed that it was this element that created the so-called high that you can experience with cannabis, however, it was subsequently discovered that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is what induces the intoxicating effects.

Therefore, you will not experience intoxicating effects when taking CBN on its own and it offers about a tenth of the strength of THC.

It is understood that CBN may be able to deliver anti-inflammatory properties and general pain relief.

Scientists have not found a way to breed cannabis plants with high levels of CBN, and this is why CBD is currently more mainstream.


What is CBD?

CBD has quickly gained a positive reputation with consumers as a go-to option for pain relief and other potential medical benefits and it is easily the most high-profile product base, especially in light of the fact that hemp-derived CBD products have gained FDA approval, provided they keep within a .03% threshold of THC content.

CBN and CBD are identified as two distinct molecules within the cannabis plant and they both serve a different purpose when it comes to medical benefits and potential solutions.

Neither CBD nor CBN products will induce an intoxicating high for the user in their own right although they can have an impact when combined with THC.

It is the introduction of CBD that helps to dampen the possible negative aspects associated with THC such as anxiety and paranoia.


CBN and CBD production methods

Heat is used to decarboxylate the cannabis plant material in order to break down the way that the acid molecules bind themselves together.

This is how CBD is produced but it is a little more complex when producing CBN.

In addition to decarboxylation, you can also use an aging process to produce CBN.


When two is better than one

The bottom line is that both CBD and CBN products deliver similar beneficial results, although scientific research is further ahead with regard to CBD, which is why it currently holds sway as the more popular product in the consumer marketplace.

It is perfectly plausible to suggest that you can use CBN and CBD products to treat certain ailments such as inflammation, insomnia, pain, and anxiety.

Neither option is known for producing negative side effects and the general view is that you might try CBD products initially and then look at CBN if you are not getting the desired results.

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