5 Common Sleeping Positions for Couples


Sleeping together with your spouse or partner is a nice thing. However, you can still make it better by doing these sleeping positions for couples.

As couples, sleeping together is essential. Sharing one bed is already an act of establishing your relationship to a higher level.

Of course, sexual encounters would eventually happen when you lie down together with your better half. However, since it is already acceptable, the only thing that you have to mind is how to improve it.

Well, I am not saying that you have to sleep in positions where sex becomes an inevitable thing. What I am trying to teach you here are sleeping postures that can make you feel loved and protected by your partner. After all, a simple caress or embrace can always stir the romance.

There are five common sleeping positions for couples that you should try to emulate.

Back To Back

Albeit popular belief, sleeping your back is facing your partner’s back can imbibe affection. My spouse and I are doing such a position from time to time. It makes us feel that we are independent, yet still connected.

When you sleep like this, there’s a good chance that you can strengthen your relationship. It is a good sign that neither you or your partner is dependent on each other. Sometimes, too much dependency can cause toxicity in the relationship.

However, let me remind that this sleeping position requires synchronization. You have to sleep at the same time. Otherwise, it would appear that you have been in a quarrel with your significant half and you don’t want to face them.


The “spoon” is an iconic resting position for couples. It symbolizes the closeness of two people while being too close to each other. It is an indicator of intimacy and trust as well.

When someone spoons you, it is easy to feel safe and loved. It is a kind of longing that I miss already because my husband is working abroad. However, when he is around, he makes sure that I am getting spooned with enough love and care.

Whether you have been long-time partners or not, the spoon will always be a great sleeping position. The closeness and romance that it can establish are proofs about its efficiency in making two people close.

If you or partner moves a lot, maintaining this position is quite difficult. You have to get the appropriate pillows for combination sleepers. I have found this article from my site “ASleepyWolf” that discusses more of it.

Facing One Another

This one is indeed a common sleeping position. It can be done consciously or unconsciously. It also speaks a lot about your relationship.

This particular sleeping position is a huge sign that you trust your partner and you think of them all the time. It also shows submissiveness and loyalty. That’s endearing, right?

Even if you tend to snore, this sleeping position is still doable. It would help if you had to get an active snore guard so that you can face your partner shamelessly.


This one is the extreme version of the back-to-back sleeping position. When you are on a cliffhanger, you position your body toward the end of the bed. That’s the very reason why it had acquired its nomenclature.

Why is this sleeping position good for couples? Well, if you tend to feel hot while you are sleeping, such an approach would regulate the temperature to an ideal level. Of course, you have to understand that the body heat increases if you are near with your spouse or partner.

Furthermore, let me tell you that the cliffhanger is not an indicator that a couple has a problem. Just like what I have said, this sleeping position is relaxing and conducive for a more peaceful sleep. It is a clear sign that you have trust in your partner and that you don’t need too much attention for you to feel loved.

The Cradle

Most of the time, the lover’s cradle seems to be romantic. It is usually done before or after having sex. Of course, I am pretty sure that you are doing it as well.

Specifically, the position will require the woman (or someone) to have their head lie on the chest of their partner. It is a proper stance, as its shows concern, care, and affection.

The only drawback is that it can cause stiffness. When done on extended periods, it can cause your arms and neck to get stiff. However, if you can withstand such ordeal, your love hormones will surely overflow.

Wrapping it Up

Many dynamics can happen within the bed. Even in simple matters like sleeping positions, some severe conditions are still necessary.

You need to establish a good sleeping posture with your partner to enhance the level of your relationship. By lying on a comfortable and romantic position, you can already repair rifts and prevent potential problems from seeping in. That’s how important these positions are.

That’s the wrap! If you have other sleeping positions that couples should try, you can share them on the comment section below!


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