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Side Effects of Improper Training and Pros of Pre-Workout Supplements

After becoming independent and reaching a certain age, we start to worry about completely new things that once upon a time were not in our radars at all. Things like having a satisfying job, earning a good salary, paying insurance, dealing with bills, saving money, and of course, monthly expenses, become heavily rooted in our lifestyles once we start living by ourselves and being responsible for our own.

But there’s something else that can be added to the formula, and that is the fact that, at some point in our lives, it becomes very important for us to remain healthy. Considering how time, leading sedentary lives, not eating healthy food, and having unhealthy life routines can affect our body, is to no surprise that we might, eventually, become more aware of this issue, and because of that, we aspire for a change.

There are many ways to achieve this, and this can englobe practices like quitting smoking, alcohol, drugs and making healthy lifestyle choices like having a healthy sleeping schedule or meditating daily.

However, there are two main ways you can keep yourself healthy, at least physically speaking, and they are known as both exercising and dieting. Being more personal about the things we eat and the physical activities we do regularly can greatly influence many physiological aspects of our body like our weight and muscular mass, as well as the chances of us suffering from certain diseases.


The Way Food Influences Us

When it comes to eating and exercising, there are many benefits we can cover. To do that, I’ll showcase some good examples of how eating well enough, or even adding some specific vitamins to your life, can make a huge difference in the way you handle life.

Let’s talk about eating. A very common saying claims that we are what we eat, and I do believe this saying exists for a reason. Our eating habits can influence a wide range of physiological functions that can, to a certain extent, can also affect our mental health and the way we manage various aspects of ourselves and the world surrounding us.

For example, eating too many unhealthy snacks, sugary drinks, and oily foods, vastly increases the number of calories we consume each day. If this amount of calories is far superior to the number of calories we burn throughout the day, the chances of us turning overweight increase considerably. This does not only bring health problems to the table, but also affects our capabilities at dealing with specific activities, and might also affect our self-esteem and the way we perceive ourselves.

There’s also the fact that some specific compounds and nutrients can aid us in many different ways. Taking fish oil supplements, which contains Omega-3 fatty acids, can greatly reduce our chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, as shown over here, and it can also improve quality of sleep, enhance levels of concentration, and even reduce feelings of anxiety and help people deal with depression and lack of focus.

If you are interested in becoming healthier and fit, you have to understand how heavily linked food and exercise are, and we will talk about it later on in this article.


Getting to Know More About Exercising

Now that we got to know more about food, let’s talk about exercising. It is well known in the world of science that, whether we like it or not, exercises are pretty much mandatory to lead healthy lifestyles.

You see, exercises are not only capable of making us physically healthier, but they are also capable of making our minds much calmer and manageable. There’s a very good saying I like that goes like this:

A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body.

This practically means that to live a peaceful life and fruitful life, you have to enjoy the benefits of a healthy mind and a healthy body. These two last aspects of your existence are heavily linked, thus, exercising is a very good way of achieving this balance.

And I’m not saying this just because. Various studies are supporting the fact that exercises can aid people going through symptoms of anxiety and depression, as shown at, and the reason for this is very simple: When we exercise, we empty our mind, while we release certain chemicals that are known for boosting our sense of well-being while making us feel fulfilled and at peace.

But what about the physical benefits? Well, many physical benefits can be enjoyed from exercising, but the main ones I want to cover, include:

  • Helps you regulate your weight.

It is well known that our weight can influence our body in an incredible amount of ways. If we are overweight, we might not be capable of enjoying certain activities that could be much more doable if we had a more stable body. If we are underweight, we might lack the strength and energy to carry on with our responsibilities.

Finding a balance is necessary to enjoy the benefits of a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle, and for some people, just achieving their ideal weight can make a huge difference when it comes to enjoying and appreciating life.

  • Exercising reduces the chances of suffering from diseases.

As mentioned earlier, weight our weight can make a huge difference when it comes to suffering or not suffering from diseases, but the mere act of exercising can make our body much stronger when it comes to fighting said diseases.

From diabetes to heart attacks, from arthritis to high blood pressure… Many physical conditions can be fought if you exercise regularly, and even exercising twice a week can provide a lot of health benefits.

  • Being physically active generally improves mood and mental well being

As we have mentioned before, being physically active improves your physical health, and thanks to this, it can also improve your mood and mental health in various ways. For example, being more energetic might help you become more proactive with your work, hobbies, and studies, and it can also allow you to reduce levels of anxiety, and manage depression.

Exercising the Right Way to Avoid Side Effects

That being said, exercising can be a little complicated, and if done unproperly, it can even cause short term and long term side effects that might cause you some troubles along the way, especially if you are not careful enough and cause damages to your muscles.

For example, one of the many mistakes people do when it comes to exercising for the first time is going too hard at it during the first days, thus, causing muscle pain and cramps that will make it harder for them to try again and remain consistent with the training, thus, losing all the motivation they once had.

Although there are many ways to avoid this problem, ideally, you should start with training routines that are suitable for beginners, of course, taking into consideration your physical condition. Thankfully, some supplements can help you become more efficient at working out. These might cause pre-workout side effects, but generally speaking, they are harmless and provide enough benefits for them to be worth it, as long as the instructions and warnings are followed accordingly.

These pre-workout supplements not only improve your physical strength and endurance, but they also provide more energy for you to remain motivated with working out, and also, provide specific nutrients and compounds that will enhance the outcome of the training, thus, speeding up results.

But things like your diet and your sleep can greatly influence results as well. Just like with the example about the omega-3 fatty acids provided by fish and fish oil, some other compounds and nutrients can influence the effect of physical training, and a very good example of this is protein.

Protein is capable of helping your body lose fat much quicker, aid you in your adventure to build muscle, provide you with more energy to engage in even more training, and also, improve your body’s capability to recover from physical exhaustion. Protein is usually obtained from food like meats, eggs, and beans, but to obtain the best benefits from it, creating a diet that is suitable for your training routine as well as your objectives is essential to speed up results.

On the other hand, a good night of sleep is also very important to help your body recover from the physical effort invested in training, and it is also necessary to ensure that your muscles recover from the straining caused by lifting weight, making them stronger and much more solid in the process.

For that reason, having a balanced training routine while also enjoying a healthy diet and sleeping schedule, is considered essential to enjoy the general benefits of exercising. Although this can be difficult, researching and taking your time to plan your routine will definitely come in handy. If you don’t have the time, you can always ask for professional advice, or use fitness apps on your smartphone. 

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