snow crystal white tomato skin whitening soap
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BUY OR BYE? FINALLY! My Snow Crystal White Tomato Skin Whitening Soap Review

snow crystal white tomato skin whitening soap
snow crystal white tomato skin whitening soap

Ito yung pumuti ako ng hindi inaasahan.. (I didn’t expect my skin would lighten this much). Hi everyone! Today we’ll be reviewing Snow Crystal Tomato Skin Whitening Soap. If you’ve been following my blog for some time now you’d now that I already stopped trying to making my skin fairer. But I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WHITENING SOAPS because in my opinion, most of them are really brightening. Since they cleanse better and has more skin nourishing ingredients than your regular bar soap. I only quit overdosing on glutathione LOL. READ MY FULL REVIEW!

  • How much? 399PHP (oh shet ang mahal!!! grabehan sabon ka lang HAHA)
  • Where to buy? Lazada, Watson’s, SM Beauty, etc.


I bought this on a whim while browsing in Watson’s (YES BINILI KO TO THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST). It’s been a while since I’ve used SNOW products, 3 years to be exact and it’s high time to see what one of my first brand loves is doing now. Looks like they’re doing great now they’ve got celebrities to endorse their brand. I remember taking their SNOW Glutathione when I had literally pennies in my pocket because it was one of the more affordable glutathione brand in the market during that time.



The beauty soap for healthy, lighter, and younger-looking skin. SNOW Whitening Soap contains natural active ingredients that not only lighten sin but also fight off free radicals that can cause premature aging.

Active Ingredients

  • Salicylic Acid
  • Aloe Vera
  • Niacinamide

YES. The one they put on the labels are not really the “actives” because it’s listed almost further to the last in their ingredients list. This means it has a minuscule amount to even count. But to be fair, BHA (beta-hydroxy acid fro salicylic), Aloe Vera, and Niacinamide are great ingredients! BHA is perfect for exfoliating skin and unclogging pores, aloe vera for nourishing and moisturizing, niacinamide or Vitamin B3 to suppress melanin and help lighten skin.



Price – OMFG Pang-maharlika ang price! Imagine 399 pesos for a bar of soap you’ll use up within 2-3 weeks. 3 weeks max if you do the scrimp method of cutting it up into cubes! I can find this justifiable if the premium ingredients was on the top of the list. But noooooo (refer to my ingredients analysis).

Texture – It creates a nice bubbly lather and doesn’t sting the skin.

Scent – Fragrance-free! It reminds me of their earlier version of Snow Whitening Soap. I love the smell of basic glycerin.

Does it work? YES. I used this soap until it melted and surprisingly it made me visibly 1 shade lighter. My skin felt clean but not dry too!

Final Thoughts Overpriced but effective. I believe there are other whitening soaps out there that works just the same if not better with a lower price.

Buy or Bye? Mayaman ka? Go ahead ang BUY! It’s a premium soap with a premium feel and it works. But if you want to be a wise spender, I say Byeeeeee!


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