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5 Family Friendly Vacation Spots in the Philippines

Organizing a family friendly vacation in the Philippines can be challenging, especially if you’re playing tourist and unfamiliar with the general area. However, you’ll be pleased to know that the island archipelago known as the Pearl of the Orient has quite the number of tourist locations where the entire family can have fun, not just the adults. Here are some of the most popular and must-see vacation spots in the Philippines where even the kids can have a blast on their own.


El Nido, Palawan

If your family is in the mood for a tropical paradise adventure that they won’t soon forget, then make the trip to Palawan as soon as possible. Palawan is one of the prime tourist spots in the country that sport some of the most enchanting beaches this side of the globe. Besides this, Palawan is also home to some legendary natural wonders recognized the world over, from the Tubbataha Coral Reef to the Puerto Princesa Underground River.

If it’s a history lesson that you want to impart your kids, then do so in one of the most breathtaking ways by taking them on a diving trip in Coron Bay, where a dozen Japanese shipwrecks from WW2 can be explored. No matter what your family’s into, you’ll find something to love here. Just remember to book the best hotel for families in Palawan in advance, as you don’t want to spoil the experience worrying about accommodations!


Enchanted Kingdom, Laguna


While Disneyland hasn’t yet made a home in the Philippines, you and your kids can still have the same kind of fun that a premium-quality amusement park can bring. You can do that by visiting one of the country’s most popular tourist spots: Enchanted Kingdom in historic and scenic Laguna. Stroll through the park’s seven colorful and vivid zones, each one uniquely designed to echo a breathtaking period in history.

Walk in elegance in the Victorian period-inspired Victoria Park, or rock out in Boulderville, an area that’s made to feel as if they’ve stepped into Bedrock, home of the Flintstones. There’s also Brooklyn Place, a zone that’s right out of the Silent Film era and featuring a chunk out of 1940’s New York City. Midway Boardwalk will take you back to 1930’s Coney Island, while Jungle Outpost will have you feeling like you’re exploring with the pioneers in the Amazon Jungle. Finally, take to the stars and explore humanity’s final frontier in Space Outpost.

These and exciting rides await you in Enchanted Kingdom, a magical place that’s only a short bus ride away from Manila!



We can’t recommend one specific location in Batangas because the entire place is a huge tourist spot that’s worth exploring with the entire family. From picturesque beaches to awe-inspiring historic churches and monuments, you and your loved ones will find so many photo opportunities that are sure to impress your friends back home. One interesting thing to note is that its most popular beaches—namely, Laiya, Calatagan, Nasugbu, and Anilao—do not get overcrowded during tourist season, although you may find it a bit cramped during the country’s summers. Give your family the tropical island getaway experience of a lifetime in Batangas—you won’t regret it!


Taal Volcano, Tagaytay

Taal Volcano is one of the Philippines’ most prized tourist spots, what with it being one of the few volcanos in the world that sits right in the middle of a pool of water—in this case, an entire lake. Even kids who find geography and mountains absolutely boring will be bowled over by the very sight alone, which looks more in place in a sci-fi/fantasy movie or videogame. You can enjoy this particular sight however you want, either by simply driving up to Tagaytay and parking by the roadside to admire the view, or to have a scrumptious lunch in one of the many restaurants overlooking the volcano. Don’t miss out on this unique tourist attraction!


Baguio City

Being a tropical country, the Philippine heat can be quite exhausting, especially if you and your kids are used to more temperate weather. Take a break from the oppressive heat by taking your family to Baguio City, a premier location in the country that features a cooler climate and a unique old-city feel that you can’t get anywhere else. There’s also the fact that the entire city sits right on top of a mountain range, which means picturesque and selfie-worthy views wherever you look!

A cold climate and awe-inspiring vistas are not all that Baguio has to offer, however. Walk around and you’ll be able to partake in so many activities around the city that you won’t find anywhere else. Ride one of the colorful horses in Burnham Park, or find the best deal of a lifetime in the many flea market stalls at Baguio City Market. Take home your hand-picked choice of delicious strawberries at the Strawberry farm, or buy a jar of their all-natural and fresh strawberry preserves. Finally, if you’re looking for a more eerie and paranormal experience, then visit the Diplomat Hotel, a haunted location that’s gotten a lot of tourists’ (and natives’) hairs raising. Many ghosts have been photographed or videotaped here, so it’s not just a clever marketing ploy.



Just because you’re planning for a family-friendly trip doesn’t mean you have to pick boring or uninspiring tourist destinations. Keep these vacation spots we’ve listed above in mind and you’re sure to give your loved ones a breathtaking experience that they won’t soon forget!  

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