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Our Magical Family Day & Where to Buy Enchanted Kingdom Tickets at Promo Rate

Hey everyone! I know I know, you’re most likely here because you want to know how we scored Enchanted Kingdom Tickets on a promo rate. So yes I’ll be sharing with you how below. It’s easy! But first a quick story.

I’m a cheapskate. I rarely treat my family on trips because as a single mom, I usually save my extra funds for macho kid. But on new year’s day, macho kid hugged me and asked “Mama, can we go to Enchanted Kingdom with wowa, wowo, ninang and ninong?“. Who can resist? When the most important being on the planet asks you for a family bonding trip.


Being the kuripot that I was, I was shocked when I learned the entrance to Enchanted Kingdom was now a whopping 900 pesos. Due to the addition of their newest attraction “Agila”. Where visitors are somehow forced into riding it because it’s packaged with the entrance fee.


See?! The good thing I can commend on Enchanted Kingdom is they do maintain their theme park quite well. Watch our video below to see how nice the place still looks compared to Star City (more like trash city)

Macho Mom and Macho Kid at Enchanted Kingdom 2018


Where to Buy Enchanted Kingdom Tickets at Promo Rate

Enchanted Kingdom is located in Santa Rosa, Laguna, about 39 kilometers away from Manila. Now there are many options on how you can purchase entrance tickets to Enchanted Kingdom.


  • Asia Travel
  • SM Tickets
  • Ticketnet
  • Ticketworld
  • TravelBookPh

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for..


I chose to book tickets TravelBookPh because it’s a lot cheaper and you get to claim your tickets in Enchanted Kingdom. I paid via 7-11 by the way. When you buy in SM Tickets, Ticketnet, or Ticketworld, you need to claim yours in the department store.


So instead of paying 900 pesos per person, it just cost me 619php saves me as much as 13% off! They do have a small service fee of 500 pesos but I booked it for 6 people. Still cheap!

There you have it. I hope my post helped in saving you some money!



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