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Must Read! Funniest Epic Pinoy Facebook Fails of 2014

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“Feeling blooming ang pig”  got me!  LoL.  Writing this thru my mobile phone. I was about to sleep while scrolling my FB feeling blue when I chanced upon a series of funny people photos of epic fails  that cheered me up.  It’s been a busy crazy and fun 2014  it is and I’m sure everyone is looking forward to an even better and more exciting 2015!

To my followers or new readers,  I’ve got lots of new reviews and stories ready for next year  but this might be my last post for the year.  We all need that well deserved break sometimes don’t you think?

Pass it on and pay it forward.  Share this post to someone you know who needs their mood lifted. 🐥 Which one’s your fave?

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