5 Free Online Applications That Can Help You Save While Shopping

You’ve seen the shows where people are extreme couponers, right? I think everyone has seen the show or at least heard of the show. People will go into these grocery stores with baskets full of stuff, and by the time they check out at the cashier’s counter, all they have to pay is maybe ten cents! It makes you wonder how they figure all that stuff out!

Well, the results of couponing are grand, but it also takes a lot of time and energy. Having to flip through newspapers, cut out the little coupons, and then keep up with them all! People with children or full-time jobs rarely have the time to do that. This is where the benefits of couponing apps shine the brightest!

Technology has done it again with this advancement! Online coupons have taken a fraction of the time out of actual couponing. Being able to find a coupon you need can be done in seconds, you can “clip” the coupon with the tap of your finger, and the cashier can scan your coupon instantly without you having to fumble through your purse or wallet trying to find it.

You can literally go to your phone’s app store and type in the word “coupon,” and see tons of different apps pop up for your choosing! Almost all of the apps guarantee to save you money, but finding which ones hold true to their guarantee is the key here. Finding the best one can seem impossible because there are so many, but some apps are definitely worth the time and money saved. Check out these apps that can save you money while you shop.


Honey is a money saving app that will automatically pull up discount coupons for you based on the store you’re shopping in. This app saves you time and money. Whether you’re trying to find great deals on designer brands or shop for less, forget about searching to find coupons, and let Honey do it for you.

The fact that this app pulls up coupons for you is a breath of fresh air because if you’re like other shoppers, you’ve probably experienced getting a coupon, thinking you’re getting a good deal, and then when you go to check out, the coupon code is expired. For one it’s embarrassing, and two, it’s quite frustrating. End the embarrassment and frustration and download the Honey app.


Is it time for new sneakers? Want the opportunity to win sneakers? Well, KicksOnFire is the app for you. This app is intended for sneakerheads who don’t want to spend sneakerhead money! This app allows its users to browse the latest in sneaker news, release dates of new kicks on the horizon, and you can create a wishlist of sneakers you want. KicksOnFire features an internal virtual system that allows users to earn virtual coins for those free sneakers mentioned earlier!

Coupon Sherpa

There are several apps that are accommodating to malls and department stores… but what about grocery stores. Most coupons for grocery stores are specific to certain products and mall or department store coupons are applied to the entire purchase.

Coupon Sherpa has a one-up on the couponing competition. This app searches and stores coupons that are specific to a product in your virtual wallet. With Coupon Sherpa you are able to search for a specific product from a specific store. Normally, you would just have to scroll page after page until you run across what you were looking for.


Yipit is not really a couponing app but it can still offer you great savings! One great thing about Yipit is that it’s not like the typical deal websites where once you subscribe, they send you thousands of emails every day. Yipit sends you deals based on your location.


If you’re one of those people who enjoy getting points everytime you go shopping, even if you don’t buy anything, then ShopKick is the app for you! The unique thing about ShopKick is that it’s a rewards and deals app rolled into one big app.

It records your locations as you walk into a store, using the location services on your phone. It also sends you alerts and deals from the store that you just walked into. Being that you can get points just from going into a store, this app is perfect for when you’re walking in shopping centers or in the mall and you don’t know where exactly you want to go, but you’re just kind of browsing.

If you do enough browsing, you can earn 50 to 200 point all from just walking in a store, and you can earn even more if you make purchases from that store! To prove how quickly the points add up, do the math. A $10 Target gift card is worth 2,500 points, and you can earn up 50 to 200 points just from walking in stores… no need to do the math, just download the app!

Shopify Mobile

If you are looking to start your own business, just like the people who have created these free couponing apps above, you will first need a website searching tool. Shopify is that tool that will provide you with a complete E-commerce solution.

Now, once you’ve established your brand with Shopify, you can then download the mobile app. This app that allows you to run your business from your phone. Cheaper than going with other E-commerce apps or platforms.

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