5 Must Have Tips on How to Survive Your Monthly Period

Period is normal, and so is period anxiety. According to  Susan Kim, co-author of Flow: The Cultural Story of Menstruation, says lots of menstruating women are “scared of anyone noticing even a trace of the process: a napkin falling out of one’s handbag, a spot of blood on the toilet seat or on the shower floor, a used pad left in the garbage, even someone glimpsing our unused tampons in the bathroom or a male clerk checking us out when we have to buy a box of pads.” This isn’t surprising.
Don’t panic. Don’t be stressed. You got this.



#5 Sudden Gush of Heavy Flow

Did you know that 70% of fluids come out in the first 2 days of our period? Strong gush of fluid will lead to unwanted period stains. Oh no! Using an ordinary pads will only make us feel insecure. The feeling of being wet in a matter of minutes is uncomfortable. For that, I recommend using a pad that can absorb and provide maximum protection. Read until the last post to know what pad is best used for this fear.

#4 Pimples

Unfortunately, we suffer from a pimple or two during our monthly period. Don’t worry. These are hormonal spots that will go away. A good concealer will do the trick. If you can’t wait for them to dry, use a product with Salicylic Acid (BHA) or go natural with Tea Tree Oil.

#3 Bloating and Cravings

We have our hormones to blame for those crazy PMS symptoms. As estrogen levels fluctuate, so do levels of the stress hormone cortisol. The body wants to keep these levels even, so it turns on the fight or flight response, causing us, the innocent bystanders of this whole thing, to crave carbohydrates and fat. Bring on the ice cream and potato chips. But there’s another culprit here; serotonin.
Serotonin is that brain chemical that increases feelings of contentment. Foods can trigger serotonin, as can exercise and other lifestyle factors. If cortisol, the stress hormone is high, and serotonin is low, we’ll crave simple carbohydrates and fats, usually sugary treats like candy and chocolate. This is because these simple carbs will up our serotonin fast. If cortisol is elevated, but serotonin is normal, we’ll crave carbs and fat, but not necessarily that sugary treat. You may find you crave croissants or bagels loaded with peanut butter or cream cheese.
Now that those cravings make sense, we can adjust our eating habits to curb the craving without completely destroying out healthy diet plans. Focus on eating whole grain complex carbs with a low fat product. So if you crave that bagel and cream cheese, choose wisely.




#2 Stains

Abruptly checking our behinds to see if we have a stain (tagos)? I even experienced, several times that a person approached me just to say “Miss, may tagos ka” ugh the embarrassment! It’s my fault, I was clueless on what to use and just used an ordinary pad even on my heavy days.



#1 Maximum Protection with Modess All Nights

Here’s a tip for fear #1 and fear #5. For your heavy days, I highly recommend using Modess All Nights since it can absorb 25% more liquid than the regular pad. It also has a comfortable and snug feet to make sure we feel secure and protected from sudden gush and yucky stains. Using the right pad will make us feel confident no matter the situation may be. We won’t abruptly check our behinds and we can concentrate on what matters.



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