5 Reasons to Buy Secondhand Furniture 

For many Filipino households, furniture pieces are an investment. A new sofa, dining table, bookcase, or bed frame doesn’t come cheap, especially if you’re looking for a particular material and design to complement the overall appearance of your home. At the same time, however, adding new furniture can make a house more functional, welcoming, and pleasing to the eye. Finding furniture pieces that suit your budget and vision for your home can be a tough challenge, but it’s not impossible if you’re willing to include secondhand furniture in your shortlist. 

Second hand furniture Philippines stores are quite accessible to Filipino buyers, many of whom prefer to do their shopping online. If you’re one such buyer, browsing online selections of used and refurbished furniture will unlock a lot of options that will suit your budget as well as the aesthetics of your home. Aside from having a fairly reasonable price range, used furniture pieces from local sources proffer great bargains because:

Used Furniture Pieces Give You More Bang for Your Buck 

Not only are used furniture pieces cheaper than their brand-new counterparts, they also offer greater value for money. Remember that the preloved items you find online and in brick-and-mortar secondhand furniture stores have already served and survived another household. Despite that, these pieces are still seen as valuable commodities that command a reasonable price in the market. This means that both sellers and buyers expect these pieces of furniture to remain sturdy, reliable, and serviceable for the years to come. Should your secondhand dining chairs end up lasting more than a decade, then the set would have cost you less for every year in comparison to cheaper furniture pieces that need to be replaced every other year or so.

Buying Used Furniture is More Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

In addition to helping you secure an excellent deal, choosing to purchase secondhand furniture for your home will also help you fulfill a nobler cause. By buying an item that would have simply ended up as another pile in the landfill, you’ll be doing your share to reduce pollution and wastage. That doesn’t mean that secondhand furniture pieces are of poor quality–many of them are still in good form and have been refurbished by their sellers. But by buying used furniture, you’re making an effort to support reusing and recycling initiatives and minimizing the usage of resources that are needed to produce new furniture. Seeing value and future potential in a refurbished item does more than help you save money—it also helps the environment, even just a little bit. 

Purchasing from Community Members Supports the Local Economy

Secondhand furniture pieces can be difficult to transport due to their substantial size and weight, which is why many people tend to sell and shop for these items in their own neighborhood or city. The closer the source of the secondhand furniture is, the easier and quicker it will be to transport the item to its new home. Oftentimes, this means that people who buy and sell used furniture contribute significantly to their local economy, and that the funds that go into purchasing these refurbished furniture pieces help stimulate the flow of cash in the neighborhood. The money you used to pay for your secondhand furniture may help pay off a portion of a person’s debts, be invested in a local business, or used to purchase essential goods and services from local suppliers and skilled workers. 

Unique and Dated Pieces Are Quite Common in Used Furniture Stores

The times tend to favor certain furniture styles over others. Nowadays, minimalist furniture styles are big in the market, so you won’t have a problem looking for pieces of this type if you want a sleek modern aesthetic for your home. But if you’re on the lookout for other styles of furniture, such as the more rustic type, you’ll have an easier time spotting them in used furniture stores. In addition to offering a wider range of designs that were in vogue in previous decades, online and offline secondhand furniture stores often feature pieces that make use of more traditional materials. These include wood and metal, which tend to be more durable compared to modern materials like engineered wood products and plastics. 

Modifying the Pieces Gives You an Opportunity to Express Yourself

Perhaps you’re into upcycling and expressing yourself through the items that can be found in your home. Maybe you want your furniture to be an extension of your personality and a reflection of your preferences. If you’re planning to add a personal touch to your home’s interior design, then you’re better off using secondhand furniture as a base. Preloved furniture pieces are a more economical option since they cost less compared to new furniture, plus you’re less likely to feel an attachment to their original forms since you’re getting them for cheaper. This, in turn, will give you more freedom to experiment and tinker with the look and feel of your home. 

Secondhand Furniture and the Joy of the Hunt

Filipinos love great bargains and good finds, both of which can be readily experienced when shopping for secondhand furniture online and in physical stores. Check out the used and refurbished furniture pieces that are being sold in your area, get perfectly serviceable sofas and sectionals at a reasonable price, and perhaps even do your share in preserving the environment and helping the local economy.

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