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5 rules for (not) buying Fake Louis Vuitton

Seeing how many Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Carolina Herrera bags circulate on the subway at rush hour, I thought I should discuss certain impressions with you.


We’ll start from the following premise: if you buy a fake bag it’s to pretend that it’s authentic (because if not, I don’t see the point), so try at all costs to make it look authentic.


Rule number 1: It’s over taking the fake handbag to work. Do you really think that you have a 1500 euro bag having to get up early to be at work at 8 a.m.? What about the subway? The subway and Vuitton hit as hard as day and night. 


From now on, you are looking for a monkey bag for day to day. If possible, it shouldn’t be from a chain like Misako. It’s not that I have anything against this brand, it’s just that you don’t want people to recognize the bag. 


That way they won’t know if it’s a trinket or something good and discreet. You know, sometimes quality is not linked to the brand. So, the day you take out the fake bag (for a special occasion that doesn’t involve taking the subway), there will always be a reasonable doubt that it is authentic suggests Faux Louis Vuitton


Rule number 2: It will benefit you that the fake bag is not the typical one found in the “top blankets”. If you can find some false rarity, better than better. If you are travellers, you have it easy: every country has its typical fake handbags. Typical for that country, atypical for tourists from another country, do you understand? Then there are the fake paradises, like Hong Kong. 


Finally, there is the option for the rest of us, who travel with imagination: Internet. On the Internet they sell fake bags like churros. Not only can you find rarities, but you may even find one that you like. Because let’s not deceive ourselves, Louis Vuitton’s monograms are ugly, they are only loved for what they represent (which corroborates the premise from which we start).


Rule number 3: Love your fake bag above all things. A handbag that costs an eye of the face doesn’t fall apart because, if not, it’s to go to the boutique and tear out the seller’s eyes. So, please, if you see that the seams of your fake handbag come off somewhere, it’s as simple as gluing a small scissors and disguising the tare. I’m sick and tired of seeing Louis Vuitton’s (fake) bags with frayed seams. 


They also sing a lot, because the thread is yellow. And with the Prada, what? This summer, white (fake) Prada handbags became fashionable. I didn’t see a single white one, they were all dirty and brown. Please, what does it cost to pass a damp sponge when you get home? Your dignity is at stake.


Rule number 4: Not only does it matter that the fake handbag is impeccable, you should be too. And I’m not saying that to carry an expensive handbag you have to be repeated, look at the Olsen, but it’s not too much to take care of the details. Going back to the example, the Olsen are on a roll, but everything they carry costs more than my two kidneys. That is, combine your fake bag with your most expensive trousers (if you can see the brand, better) or with some jewelry (not costume jewellery) – your little gold communion chain or something like that -. 


Other people can also help you: if you go with your boyfriend, he should wear a jersey with a fuchsia collar and, of course, a shirt underneath. If you go with your mother, try to make her look like your sister. If her lips have been operated on or she has had a facelift it will be perfect.


Rule number 5: Take care of your language, both corporal and verbal. Do not let your tongue give you away, speak fine. Don’t swear or scream. And, please, first of all, attitude. I’ve seen girls with a (fake) Gucci bag on the subway listening to reggaeton on their cell phone. That’s something you should never do, whether or not you take a fake bag, if you’ll allow me to observe.


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