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My Thoughts on Breast Augmentation and Motiva Implants in the Philippines

Hi there! Today on the blog we’re going to discuss something a bit controversial. Cosmetic surgery and breast augmentation. I know that even though it shouldn’t be the case, breast augmentation and other plastic cosmetic procedures are still not that accepted here in the Philippines.

Even I had fears of what other people might think, what they would say when they hear me talk about this issue. But it’s high-time we start talking about it, because as a woman, we have the right to make our own decisions regarding our bodies. We all have the right to be confident about our body choices. I have a lot of friends whom I know experience the same fears due to the stigma here in the country. It’s about time that we start talking about this, and stop judging other people for it.


Breast Augmentation and the stigma in the Philippines

Breast augmentation — also known as augmentation mammoplasty — is surgery to increase breast size. It involves placing breast implants under or over the chest muscle. There are many reasons why people opt to undergo breast augmentation.

One if which is for breast reconstruction after mastectomy. Many breast cancer survivors undergo breast reconstruction after the removal of the breasts due to breast cancer. This allows them to regain their original figure and move on from their battle with cancer. Post-mastectomy depression is a real thing, and breast reconstruction helps these women avoid that, by allowing them to take control of their bodies.

Breast augmentation is for all women; and I mean all women, meaning even those who were born as the opposite sex. Breast augmentation enables trans-women to complete their transition, and be comfortable in who they are and how they look. This is one of the main reasons why I chose to write this blog. I have transgender friends and I want to help make this world more open and understanding for them.

And if you want to undergo breast augmentation to get the body that you want, then what’s so wrong about that? Why can’t we make decisions for ourselves and not be judged for it? As women, we should lift each other up instead of pulling each other down.

Whether you’re a trans-woman or a breast cancer survivor, or if you simply just want to make a physical change, your body is your body, and you should be able to choose what to do with it, and not be judge for your choices. What matters most is that you are happy with your choices, and that you are safe and healthy.


Health and safety factors

Speaking of health and safety, if ever you do decide to undergo breast augmentation, it’s vital that you choose implants that are proven to be safe and reliable. It’s important that you do a lot of research before you make a decision. Like everything in life, breast augmentation does come with its own risks, however, there are misconceptions out there that should be addressed.

My friend who was thinking about having breast augmentation was recently alarmed by the recent news about breast augmentation and BIA-ALCL cases. There was an increase rise in cases of BIA-ALCL around the world. Currently, there are more than 500 cases of BIA-ALCL worldwide and 30 plus deaths from the cancer according to the FDA.

I wanted to share this with you guys because I feel that more people need to know about BIA-ALCL and raise awareness for this issue, especially for people who are considering breast augmentation or getting breast implants, they can make a more informed decision before undergoing the surgery.

BIA-ALCL actually stands for Breast Implant Associated-Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma. It is a type of rare cancer linked to the immune system. Just to clarify BIA-ALCL is not breast cancer, it is actually a lymphoma cancer that affects the lymph nodes.

But not all breast implants cause BIA-ALCL. It has been shown in scientific research that it is caused by textured breast implant. Currently, there have not been any reported cases of BIA-ALCL in women who have had only smooth implants. A few brands of textured implants identified to have a high risk of causing BIA-ALCL have been banned or recalled.

The exact reason to why textured implants cause BIA-ALCL is not known but researchers suspect that it is due to the surface of textured implants which are very irritating to the tissue, and cause a lot of tissue reaction and the body to reject the foreign object.

Although breast implant-associated ALCL is very rare, it is not to be treated lightly. If any of you guys have breast implants or are considering breast implants, do take note of the symptoms of BIA-ALCL and educate yourselves.

Most common symptoms women with BIA-ALCL first experience are persistent swelling and/or pain around the breast. Redness, breast enlargement, lumps in the breast or armpit, breast asymmetry or changes in appearance.

If you find that something is wrong, go for a check-up with your doctor immediately. If it is caught early, the cancer can usually be treated successfully by a complete removal of the implant and its surrounding tissue.

I know it may seem daunting, and my friend felt the same. But no worries because there are implants that have been proven to be safe and reliable.


Motiva Breast Implant

Motiva Breast Implant  have more than 30 years of advance breast implant manufacturing experience. They have established a level of product innovation that results safety. Motiva Implants has 0 cases of BIA-ALCL. This is because Motiva recognized that the safety of breast implants is very important for the patients and they made this their priority to create an implant that has outstanding safety records.

The main feature of Motiva Implants is actually their SmoothSilk NanoSurface for their implant shell.

The main difference between other implant and Motiva Breast Implant is that Motiva does not use salting and sugar method to create the implant shell surface. The salting and sugar method uses salt and sugar to create the implant surface which is a foreign object to the body. On the other hand, Motiva uses SmoothSilk NanoSurface for their implant shell and does not contain foreign materials. Motiva’s Implant shell was actually created using 3-D technology to digitally print the implant shell.

The 3-D printing technology also ensures that the texture of the implant shell is carefully controlled and even throughout which is more biocompatible and cell-friendly to the body and surrounding breast tissues. This also helps to reduce the risk of other breast implant-associated complications such as capsular contracture, double capsular contracture, late seroma etc. Motiva Implants also have a good safety record of <1% complication rate.

Aside from the SmoothSilk NanoSurface, Motiva also has a lot of other features that ensure your safety.

  • The TrueMonobloc Shell is designed for outstanding strength, ease of insertion, and durability. The implant is highly elastic and flexible, and can withstand extreme pressure.

  • TrueTissue Dynamics for the most natural look and feel.
    100% filled, 100% ultra soft, and 100% form-stable ProgressiveGel, for optimal shape retention, and for a natural look and feel.


  • Q Inside Safety Technology that enables traceability of unique information to be retrieved externally from the breast implants.


Final Thoughts

The thought of having breast implants have been running on my mind for years because I’m naturally flat-chested. If only I had the budget for it I would, but I have other priorities like saving up for macho kid’s future. But if you’re longing to get a pair of implants, whether for medical reasons or to boost your self-esteem. Go for it! Make sure you go to a REPUTABLE DOCTOR who uses SAFE IMPLANTS like Motiva. Do what makes you feel better about yourself and don’t worry about what other people will think.





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