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5 Simple Tweaks To Transform Your Work Desk

Working from a desk can be a blessing or a curse. This is highly dependent on your working environment and your office culture. Your office desk will, therefore, affect your productivity and achievements in your career. Adopting several changes may therefore completely transform your work desk. And as the saying goes, a change is as good as the rest, you will achieve more from a renewed workspace.


There are several ways to transform your desk. These simple tweaks will improve your focus, make you happier and lead to a comfortable working culture.


Below are five such tweaks that will prove useful in your workplace.

Opt for a gaming keyboard

A personalized keyboard is easy to work with. This is due to the infinite possibilities in terms of customization and personalization. As gaming keyboard models offer more options as compared to standard keyboards, investing in one will highly improve your productivity. Shortcuts and hotkeys enabled by these models will cut down the time you take to complete your tasks. Gaming keyboards are also comfortable thus less strenuous to your fingers.

Improve your monitor mobility

Your productivity is heavily dependent on the mobility and flexibility of your computer monitor. The set up used in your office desk determines how comfortable you are while working. Acquiring a monitor arm that supports maximum adjustability will, therefore, be a wise choice. This will also enable you to build a customized set up that works for you. Monitor mobility is essential to reduce eye strain and relieved backaches. Correct monitor angle and height of your desk will also improve your sitting posture, reduce strain on your neck and shoulders. This is extremely vital to your overall health.

Purchase a desk light

Your eyes may tire easily when working on a gloomy desk. A desk light will improve the lighting conditions on this desk, thus improve your productivity. As greater light exposure keeps you alert, this simple change will work well in gloomy spaces. Choosing a light that sets a good mood will also be beneficial. Light therapy will be a sure way to start your day on your desk. This is achieved by switching on your desk light for the first 30 minutes after settling on it. Maintaining a good working mood leads to shorter days and enhanced performance.

Keep a potted plant

Taking breaks and gazing into the distance will help you recover from working on your screen. A potted plant will also aid in maintaining your eyes focus. The green color of a potted plant has been known to make people more productive. This is especially vital if you work in a constrained workspace. Plants that do not require too much attention are recommended. This reduces the time you spend watering them or pruning unwanted parts.


Unorganized desks are known to greatly reduce focus and creativity. Keeping your desk clean and organized will avoid distractions associated with the clutter on your desk. Acquiring paper trays and drawer organizers will, therefore, be an important step. Setting aside a minimum of ten minutes on a daily basis to arrange and organize your desk will create a healthy habit. It will also ensure that everything is within your reach.


The above tweaks will have you organized and motivated while you work. This will ensure that you’re not slowed down by avoidable distractions. Implementing these simple tweaks will also send a positive message to your colleagues as well as your guests. This is vital in maintaining a positive working relationship and a healthy working lifestyle.

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