Clothes Buffet Manila Season 2 – What to Expect

Who among here loves to eat at eat all you can buffets? Raise your hands! Me me!! I loooooove to eat at buffets. Can you imagine the assortment of food you can eat there? Eat until your tummy’s content! Well, can  you imagine a shop-all-you-can buffet? Where you can shop to your heart’s content (the size of your ziplock bag).  *drumroll* I’m also going to give you a sneak preview of what I have in my bag at the end of this post so read on.

I’m so glad to share with you Clothes Buffet Manila Season 2 yes folks season 2. Pretty Penny Productions conceptualized an amazing offering where you can grab all the clothes you want in 20 minutes as long as you can fit it insize the ziplock bag. Here’s another great news, THEY MADE THE BAG BIGGER. OMG and extended the time from 15 minutes to 20 minutes as compared to Clothes Buffet Manila Season 1. Oh joy!

They also have a lot of partners that will add up to all your shopping fun. Including great notebooks from Notera and sweet candies from Made in Candy Ph

What clothes can you expect this year? They promised a better selection of clothes. There are two main themes this year: Coachella Ready and Gossip Girl. The Coachella Ready collection features frills, bright colors and crop tops, while the Gossip Girl collection strives to help you embody the characters of the hit TV show with sophisticated dresses, classy skirts, and, of course, glitter.

I’m not wearing any makeup in the photo!!! Here’s a sneak preview on how large the bag is and what I was able to get. Honestly speaking, Geof was sick during their media launch that is why I let them choose and send it over to my house instead.

 A denim skirt from People R People
A spandex a-line dress from PRP

A cut-out dress from PRP

 Crop tops from H&M
 Leopard Print Dress from Terranova
A sleeveless cotton top from PRP

Clothes Buffet Manila Season 2 Schedule –  2599php/ziplock 

The Elements at Centris Barangay Piyahan, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila
November 21-22 (Saturday-Sunday), shopping waves start from 10am onwards
Facebook page:
Instagram: @clothesbuffetmanila
Twitter: @clothesbuffetph
Website/Purchase Tickets:

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