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5 Things You Should Know to Keep Your Eye Wear Long-Lasting

Especially for those living in a hot area where the highs of the weather can become unforgiving, it is important to keep your skin and eyes protected from possible damage by UV rays. In the case of our eyes, the best way to keep them protected is to invest in a greatpair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Keeping your eyes protected will not only help protect your vision but it can also make it easier for you to get things done. But then again, you will also want to keep your comfortable sunglasses well-maintained for them to last long. But how exactly do you ensure this?

1. Keep Eye Wear Inside A Protective Case

As you begin to wear your eye wear, they will begin to show signs of wear and tear from daily use. There are ways that can help this process by slowing this daily usage down. When you are not wearing your eye wear, make sure and keep them in their protective case. If you do not have a case for your glasses, you will definitely want to purchase one as soon as possible. Your eyeglass case helps to keep dust and bacteria away from your glasses. It also allows you to know where you can find your glasses when you need them. Make sure that the case is sturdy and is able to enclose the entire eye wear.

2. Clean Your Glasses Daily

Making sure that your eye wear is cleaned often as it should be a part of your daily living routine. Clean glasses allow you to see better and protect your eyes better from the damaging sun rays. You can clean your eye wear with warm solution that can often be found in many retail stores. Ask your pharmacist to give you ideas for a good cleaning solution for your eyeglasses. Having cleaner eyewear, will also keep you from straining and deteriorating the muscles in your eyes. This will actually keep your eyes healthier for a longer period of time.

3. Changing Out the Lense in Your Glasses

One of the most important parts of any eye wear is the lens. This is the piece that actually protects your eyes from the sun and any other elements of nature. The lens will retract the sun’s rays from your eyes while protecting them like a shield at the same time. Making sure that you have the best lenses possible for your eye wear is essential. This site can help with understanding how to change out your lenses for longer lasting eye wear. As you can begin changing out your lenses, you should see a difference in how long your glasses will work effectively for your eyes.

4. Avoid Fingerprints/Clean Your Hands Often

As human beings, we often have the urge to touch things. This includes the lenses on our eye wear. While touching can sometimes be a good thing in general, it is not a good thing when touching your glass lens. Your hands carry bacteria that can be transferred to your eyewear lenses. This bacteria can then be transferred from your glasses into your eye. This can cause itching and other eye problems that could lead to diseases of the eye. Remember, keep your fingers off your eyewear lenses in particular as to not leave damaging bacteria in your eyes. Keeping your fingers and hands cleans by washing your hands also helps with decreasing the bacteria on your hands. Make sure that this is a part of your daily routine for longer lasting eye wear.

5. Remove Your Eye Wear with Both Hands

While this may seem like an odd idea, but it will help you keep your glasses longer. By gripping your glasses from both sides while using both hands, you make sure they do not tear at the part that holds your rims and lenses together. This is a very weak part of your eye wear and can be easily be torn off if not careful. Use both hands when removing your glasses and make sure that they do not break in their more fragile areas.


Using these tips and tools can help you in understanding how to keep your eye wear lasting longer. As you begin to keep your glasses in their protective case, wash them daily with warm solution and water, wash your hands while keeping them free from bacteria, keeping your hands off the protective lens and use both hands to remove your eye wear, your glasses will be more effective longer, while keeping your eyes protected from any weather.

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