The Week that Was – Random Rants and Musings

I think my little boy got sick because of his field trip last week. I took a leave from work today because he has toncillitis. We went on a trip to Mt. Makiling for his school trip. It was a meh for both of us because the school turned it into a marriage retreat for couples and I’m a single mom. Way to go school! Way to go for thinking every family is perfect! 

But I’m glad he had fun playing with his friends.
Oh dear, when you’ve been blogging and working on websites for more than 8 hours in a day I think all the words in your head run empty like gasoline. Pardon the gibberish. I need to re-fuel by reading a book before going to bed.

*breathes* It was my first time to attend a BDJ event, thankfully it finally fit in my schedule. Going there was worth it because I met a lot of my blogger friends, and even met my way way way back pre-school classmate Iza! (who’s also a beauty blogger!)

Say Tioco taught us how to put on basic makeup using the latest products from Cover Girl, the Ready Set Gorgeous! Line. I find this line affordable. The price range goes from 200php-400php and packaged for teenagers.

Hi Iza!!! (The one wearing the stripes)

I feel like an easy breezy beautiful covergirl diva in this stolen shot. Hahaha! Hello Rochelle and Celine!

Located at: In front of Century City Mall, above the Korean Grocery
Right after the event (err..actually, I didn’t finish it. LOL) I went straight to Gionyx Salon, highly recommended by Yuki of and boy take her word for it. They’re really skilled at coloring.

They fixed my severely and oddly colored hair due to my heavy DIY coloring lately from blonde to ash to pink to red. I really wanted silver hair but they told me my hair wasn’t ready. To prepare my for it, they made it ash brown to  tone down the redness. 

I wouldn’t go anywhere else (for now? haha) for my hair coloring. But for my haircuts, I still find Chiyo from SEI Salon ever reliable. 

During mid-week, Glamour Box launched Pop Beauty UK here in Manila. They gave us a very intimate pamper sesh at Blo Dry Bar at SM Megamall Fashion Hall.

Glamour Box gave us a generous loot bag filled with Pop Beauty Makeup so we can get ready to #ShakeUpYouMakeup. I remember the brand from 8 years ago, when Pop Beauty Cheeky Pop in Sunrise and Sunset was all the rage. I asked my tita to purchase it from me in Sephora pa. College days! Who remembers? Oh and I finally had my first feature article as an official contributor at When In Manila *cheers* I wrote the draft 8 months ago and after tedious editing it’s published na!
It’s fun letting loose once in a while. Not just in real life but also in blogging. (Baligtad! Haha!). Minsan kasi I start to feel restricted with what and how I write  that I forget the true blue meaning of blogging. It’s by being yourself. Don’t mind what other people may think of you. You can never please everybody so don’t pressure yourself into doing so! I’m talking to myself again. Sometimes I forget this. Kayceeeee! Be you! 

“Don’t chase people. Be you and do your own thing. The right people who belong in your life will come to you, and stay” – anonymous

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