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5 Reasons Why Ubud Is Great for Filipino Tourists

As one of the most well-known towns in Indonesia’s popular Bali island, Ubud sees millions of foreign tourists come and go every year. But there’s more to this inland town than the usual Balinese staples. And for Filipino travelers looking for something different yet familiar, Ubud just might be the highlight of an unforgettable holiday in Bali. Read on to know why.

Budget Guest Houses Are Available

For travelers on a strict budget, Ubud is a good place to book an accommodation due to the number of affordable options. This should allow you to allot a bigger chunk of your money on food and transportation—the latter of which can be overpriced throughout Bali. Places like Oples Homestay even have rooms with a picturesque view of the paddy fields.

Unique Local Craftsmanship

One thing that gives Ubud a leg up among other Balinese towns is its abundance of craftsmen and artisans. Indeed, there are many talented people here who help support the tourism industry through their beautifully designed sculptures, wood carvings, paintings, baskets, birdhouses, sarongs, and more. There are even people who sell beaded jewelry and other accessories—making the small town the best place to shop for souvenirs.

Beautiful Hindu Temples

The entire island of Bali is like a bastion of Hinduism in a predominantly Sunni Islamic Indonesia. More specifically, they have synthesized their traditional animist beliefs with some elements of Buddhism into a form of Hinduism that’s unique to the island. This shows up through some striking local temples, like the Saraswati Temple, the Ubud Water Palace, the Puri Saren Agung, the Pura Gunung Lebah, and the Pura Dalem Ubud.

Great Ecotourism Opportunities

One of Ubud’s most famous attractions is the town’s Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, or Monkey Forest for short. This place is home to many of the island’s local macaques known as Balinese long-tailed monkeys. Just make sure to follow your guides’ instructions to avoid provoking the monkeys. But if you’re up for a short trek, then you might also want to try out the Campuhan Ridge Walk. This will allow you to take a quick tour of the town’s scenic rice fields and terraces. 

Tasty Local Delicacies

For every Filipino foodie, there’s a wide variety of food to try and places to eat at in Ubud. You can try some pandan pancakes at Café Wayan for breakfast, or some suckling pig from multiple restaurants throughout the island for lunch. Then, maybe you can have some Balinese duck at Bebek Bengil for dinner. And of course, you’ll want to try eating at the many warung or small family-owned cafes and restaurants throughout town for a truly authentic experience. 

If there’s one thing you can learn from Ubud, it’s that there’s more to Bali than just the great beaches. With its comfortable and affordable accommodation options, skilled artisans, unique temples, great sights, along with the wonderful food—you’ll definitely have a grand time here. You can check tourist secrets Asia guide for more.

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