5 Tips on Shopping for Home Appliances from Your Home

Shopping today has never been easier. Several stores have their own websites online, brands announce promos and discounts on their pages, and there are several shopping apps you can download on your mobile phone. Indeed, if there’s anything you want to buy, you’d most likely find it online. 

But what about appliances? Unlike buying clothes or toys, home appliances are a major investment and can cost up to tens of thousands of pesos. And with so many online shopping horror stories, you might be skeptical or wary of browsing for appliances in the virtual marketplace. However, there are a lot of perks in shopping online that can also apply to expensive purchases such as appliances. Armed with the right knowledge and practices, you can score a sweet deal and receive an appliance that fits your home perfectly. 

Practice the following tips the next time you go online shopping for home appliances:

Browse and Compare Brands and Price Tags

One of the most basic rule in shopping is that you never settle for the first thing you see. This applies to online shopping as well. After the search results appear, skip the product ads. These ads are often placed right at the top below the search bar to catch the attention of potential buyers. Be warned that these ads may tempt you to impulse buy and miss out on better deals.

Instead, visit the websites of reputable stores. If you have a preferred appliance store, they most probably have an online shop where you can browse their products. After checking one site, check at least two or three others to compare prices, brands, and features. In this manner, you get to know your options and decide on which one fits your needs best.

The other thing you can check is product lists and reviews. These sites often list down items based on affordability, so if you’re working on a budget, check the products listed on the page, check their corresponding websites, and compare with other brands.

Simply put, if you want to get the best deal, you need to do your due research.

Check the Authenticity

The accessibility of the internet comes with advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, people gain more access to reliable shops and suppliers. And on the other hand, they also get exposed to fake brands and bootleg products. Hence, it’s important to make sure that you’re buying an authentic product from a legitimate seller. 

While a professional-looking website is one of the markers of a reliable shop, you can’t judge authenticity based on the website alone. Look for other markers, such as customer reviews and trust seals. You can also ask friends and acquaintances if they’ve conducted business with the seller before and ask for recommendations.

As a general rule, you should never input and submit your personal information on a website without checking its authenticity first. In this manner, you secure your data and keep your privacy.

Buy Only for Your Household’s Needs

The internet is a hub for all kinds of products, and it’s easy to get carried away when you see something new or high-tech. This may cause you to buy an appliance with features you or your family doesn’t necessarily need.

To avoid this kind of problem, it’s important to set up parameters and list down your family’s needs before you shop online. Aside from the budget, one of the things you should consider is your family’s dynamics and overall usage. For example, if your family likes to cook a lot, consider getting a stove or oven that has some extra features to make cooking easier. On the other hand, if people rarely cook, a simple gas stove may suffice. In this manner, you can help ensure that you are getting your money’s worth.

Make Sure to Accurately Measure the Space.

Imagine this scenario. You managed to land a great deal online, and your new appliance is now in your house. However, you realized that you made a mistake: the appliance was too big for the space you allotted for it. Indeed, buyers often overlook checking the product’s measurements before clicking the checkout button. While this is not often a problem for smaller appliances (like microwaves and toasters), bigger appliances may require you to adjust your current furniture significantly or worse, return it to the seller.

Avoid this problem entirely by pulling out the measuring tape and accurately measuring the space you plan to put your purchase. Add some extra inches for allowance to make up for variance in size. Keep these measurements in mind or write them down before shopping online.

Take Note of Freebies and Extras.

Some sellers offer extra items and accessories along with their products, such as filters, extra cords, and even extended warranties. While you shouldn’t purchase based on them alone, it may help you in deciding which product to buy. For example, two stores offer the same appliance but one has a slightly lower price tag than the other. However, the product with a higher price tag has a lifetime warranty. Since appliances inevitably need maintenance, the product with the higher price tag may seem like the more worth-it option for you.


Overall, shopping for appliances online can be tricky, but it is also rewarding. But by practicing the above tips, you can make sure you’re safely shopping in the comfort of your own home—and even get great deals!

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