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Mary Kay’s Beauty 2.0 App Gives You Modern Beauty Advice

Global beauty brand Mary Kay is offering customers at home with a slick new way to get proper beauty and skincare advice through its Beauty 2.0 app. In the updated version coming this November, the skin analyzer app can now determine skin types and conditions in just a few clicks through the help of a Mary Kay independent beauty consultant (IBC).

The new feature called Photo Analysis allows IBCs to easily connect with Mary Kay customers and guide them in the selection and purchase of beauty and skincare essentials that are targeted to address their skin concerns. In three easy steps — shoot, upload, and connect — customers are able to get the personal and expert service experience of Mary Kay through this virtual skin analysis.

“We’re launching this updated feature to maintain our link to our customers. This relaunched Beauty 2.0 app is designed to support our IBCs as they take their business to digital, and we are now happy to share how it is also set to revitalize the Mary Kay customer experience,” shares Criscy Camacho, marketing and customer service director of Mary Kay Philippines.

The virtual skin analysis works through a link from the Beauty 2.0 app, which is generated by Mary Kay’s IBCs. The link is sent to customers who are then asked to shoot a clear photo of themselves under natural light and through their mobile device’s main camera. Once the photo is taken, customers will upload the shot using the same link. Afterwards, they can connect virtually with their Mary Kay IBC for a detailed discussion of their skin analysis done through the app.

According to Camacho, the virtual Photo Analysis feature can currently assess the following skin dimensions: skin type, pigmentation, sensitivity, pores, eye areas, acne, blackheads, and fine lines.

For the select customers who still prefer in-person consultations, IBCs can use the app together with a Mary Kay skin analyzer device. This Device Analysis option provides an expanded skin reading as it goes through 12 skin dimensions, as opposed to the virtual option which generates eight.

Mary Kay believes that being present in their customers’ self-care journeys in this age of social distancing and quarantine is possible through innovative solutions like the refreshed Beauty 2.0 app. “This is our way of telling our customers that we are looking out for them and that we will continue to provide them with their favorite Mary Kay products and expert beauty advice through our IBCs,” Camacho expounds.

Customers can try the Beauty 2.0 virtual skin analysis through a Mary Kay independent beauty consultant. Contact 0917 866 0494 to find a beauty consultant near you.

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