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Making the Right Statement with a Moissanite Gemstone

You may have come across diamond being the birthstone for April, alongside Sapphire. But, if there is any worthy contender to face the rock crystal, it is moissanite – not sapphire. Moissanite gemstones have top qualities that knock sapphire stones out of place and even put diamonds to shame. Comparing moissanite and diamond side by side, the latter only outperforms the former in hardness. It has a Mohs hardness rating of 10, whereas the former has a rating of 9.5. Even with this figure, moissanite stones are extremely tough and resistant to scratches, chips, and cracks. They last a lifetime.

Discovering Moissanite

Have you heard of the phrase, “stars born from the stars?” Here is how the narrative goes. In 1893, Henri Moissanite discovered the naturally occurring compound in a meteor crash site. Interestingly, the precious mineral only forms in meteorites and upper mantle rocks. However, this natural formation is so rare that scientists have resorted to Moissanite crystals’ synthetic production. They grow this natural compound, also known as Silicon Carbide (SiC), into large crystals, before cutting them into smaller precious stones. Moissanite plays an essential role in several industrial applications due to its physical, thermal, and optical properties.

Moissanites are Forever

Moissanites share several similarities with diamonds. Hence, you may find it challenging to differentiate one from the other. Nevertheless, some distinct features are hard to miss. In terms of appearance, moissanite stones reflect “birefringence” light rays. Due to its cut, they produce more fire. Additionally, its “double refractive” properties emit a broader spectrum of light, known as the rainbow effect.

But to produce the above-stated optical results, the jeweller needs to cut the stone precisely. With the right cut, shape, and colour, you can optimize its “fire.” There are different types of gemstone cuts: Radiant, Princess, Pear, Oval, Heart, Round, Square, Trilliant, Marquise, and Emerald. In terms of colour, moissanite comes in its initial green and yellow tints. But you can also get the Forever One Moissanite – a fully transparent gemstone with a closer appearance to a diamond. In selecting an affordable moissanite diamond ring, you also have to choose an excellent ring band to match. It would be best if you had a yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold colour to complement your stone.

How Can I Maintain My Moissanite Ring?

Just like diamonds, moissanite stones can last a lifetime. You do not have to worry about scratches or cracks, as it can withstand pressure. However, specks of dirt and other deposits can reduce its sparkle and transparency over time. In this case, you can clean your moissanite gemstone easily, using warm water and a brush. Once done, your crystal will look new again. It is easy to maintain your jewel for several years.

If you intend to purchase an engagement ring for your crush but don’t have thousands of dollars in your account, moissanite provides a cheaper alternative. With varying carat weights to choose from, you will never run out of options. It is time to hit the nearest reputable jewel store and make your dreams a reality.

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