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5 Underrated yet Effective Ways to Save Money

We are often caught up in a situation of financial incapacity in our endeavours that we end up borrowing funds from friends, family and financial institutions. This might bother our self esteems and make us feel so reliable. Aside from that, borrowed money is more expensive and has a tendency of being used with a lot of fear of failure and tense.

Mostly people tend to try and save money for emergency, retirements, vacations, buying a house or a car, education and so on. The sad part is that most of us are entirely not committed to our saving habits and we end up getting financial constraints as we progress.

The following are 5 Underrated yet Effective Ways to Save Money:

1. Invest In Stocks & Government Securities

Stocks are marketable securities which are considered liquid assets since they can be converted to cash in a very short time. Investing your money in stocks and early maturing government securities ensures that you are in a position to save any reasonable amount at any time without losing the value of money and can gain you dividends and other financial benefits.


Government securities on the other hand don’t need much technicality since the Government fixes its interest rates on bonds and all you need is to buy short term bonds. The challenge is that you are only able to save a certain amount of money at a go and you cannot add or draw before maturity of such securities.

However, prior to making such a choice, it’s advisable to compare best ira rates for a rational financial plan.

2. Train to Buy what you Need not what you Want

How people part with money is of importance as how they make the same. It’s often for people not be satisfied with what they always have and that’s a good thing, but it’s also a great thing to be in a position to not always buy what we want.

Like you could want a mac but just be in the need of a laptop, notwithstanding all the tremendous stuff associated with a mac, the laptop you need (of course much cheaper than a mac) could achieve intended utility and increase consumer surplus or save cash for that case.

3. Quit Addictive Spending Habits

Habits such a betting, smoking, drinking, eating junks and so on are not of great importance to your self development. Most of these habits are lethal if done repeatedly or with minimum control, and are channels of unnecessary spending of money that said, such diversion of money should be cut off, this could actually would lead to a win win situation on one’s health and financial position.


4. Always Have a Budget

Budgets are conventional ways to ensure sound and rational expenditures. A budget should give priorities to those things that are essential and also accommodate savings. A budget will also help you cut cost overruns on items that are not that much helpful, this automatically increases your surplus margin.

5. Have a Mode of Saving and Targets and Goals

Target saving amount per certain duration is a great approach, this will reduce your expenses since savings are always on your conscious mind. Saving targets will also help out on improving your habits and so on, which will be a win win to oneself.

These ways of savings can only work with individual commitment, focus and mind for a better future self, so always recall to question every time you part with money. Remember, the target is for one to save money with much comfort, however, the degree of sacrifice given should be significant.






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