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Review: Nivea UV Face BB Cream SPF50 0% Sticky Feeling

I love sun protection. UV Rays are the number 1 cause of premature lines and wrinkles. In fact, I think that’s why more than 30% of posts here are related to sunscreen reviews. While there are many, good sunscreen are hard to find. Just like Goldilocks finding the soup too hot or too cold. Some sunblock can have high SPF but leave a white cast. Some can do everything except it stings the eye *ouch*.

Today we’ll be reviewing NIVEA UV Face BB Cream SPF50 PA+++ 0% Sticky Feeling. As I browse around the beauty section of the supermarket I spotted a tube of this, and also the other variant. The anti-aging one. At first look both claim to have 0% sticky feeling, a high SPF, and skin-safe ingredients. I grabbed both because both were surprisingly cheap at 299php per tube.  Today we’re focusing on the BB version.



  • Moisturising, tinted face sunscreen ideal for everyday use
  • Adapts to every skin tone, with pigments
  • Light skin feeling, non greasy & non sticky


  • Highly effective, immediate UVA/UVB protection – against sunburn and premature aging
  • Naturally derived antioxidant supports facial skin to protect itself against sun damages
  • Eye friendly formula – ophthalmologically proven
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically tested



Packaging – It comes in a small blue squeeze tube with an orange cap. Made in Poland.

Price – 299php per tube? It’s a steal!

Texture – I find it thicker than most face creams, but airy and soft upon blending.

Coverage – Don’t expect this BB cream to conceal any flaw. This product has a tinge of tint aka super extra light coverage. It doesn’t conceal. It doesn’t correct. It enhances your skin with a hint of pigment. The cream itself is beige-like but disappears after blending. However, it does make my skin “polished” , even, and removes sallowness.

Thoughts – It looks and acts like a tinted moisturiser with a high SPF. It is. What I REALLY love about Nivea FACE UV BB is it does not sting the eyes. Even if the sunscreen mixes with your sweat, even if you accidentally rub it in. Most sunblocks sting, even the good ones. That’s why I found a sense of relief when I read the label that it’s ophthalmologist tested.

It protects as soon as you apply it so it’s perfect if you’re on the go like me. I love using it on my face and neck. Sadly, because of its thick texture, it can take more effort on blending. Making it also difficult for body use. But once it sets, you can barely notice it’s there. It’s light. BUT BUT BUT… I still find it sticky albeit feels more like a moisturiser compared to Japanese formulated sunscreens which feels silky because of the silica and alcohol content.

This has been a default sunscreen in my bag, along with Althea’s Petal Velvet Sunscreen that I use for the body. Alas, if this can also be used on the body then it would’ve been perfect.

Will I buy again? YES. It’s cheap, effective, and eye friendly. I love it to bits and will definitely repurchase.

Where to buy? I spotted Nivea UV Face BB at Watsons, Landmark Beauty Section, Landmark Supermarket, and SM Beauty

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