CosRx Pimple Patch Review
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CosRx Acne Pimple Master Patch Review | My Emergency Pimple Fix!

CosRx Pimple Patch Review
CosRx Pimple Patch Review

Let’s face it, inspite of having the best regimen for our face, we still get the occasional zit. One, two, three or more. Especially when it’s that time of the month, when we have our period! Hormones go haywire and our skin looks worse than ever! Sometimes we just need a quick fix.  Greetings beautiful people! Today we’ll be reviewing another korean skincare product this time from the popular CosRx line. The CosRx Pimple Patch.

  • How much? 200php/pack
  • Where to buy? BeautyMNL

CosRx Pimple Patch Review | My Emergency Pimple Fix!



This hydrocolloid dressing intensively extracts impurities while creating a protective barrier that guards external irritants.


1. Before Application, clean your face and hands well
2. Peel back an appropriately sized patch and completely cover on the blemimishes
3. Replace the patch with a new one when it turns white and has absorbed oils


Cellulose Gum, Styrene Isoprene Styrene, Block Copolymer, Polyisobutylene, Petroleum Resin, Polyurethrane Film, Liquid Paraffin, Tetrakis Methane


When you open the packet there are 24 round silicone-like patches in different sizes. From tiny to big. This is probably to accommodate different sizes of cystic acne. They’re cellulose and they’re meant to be placed like stickers on the pimple. It doesn’t have any smell nor does it look anything special.


I had my doubts when I first saw this product. Especially when I put it on my face because it felt like applying plastic. CosRx Acne Master Pimple Patch is basically pimple-sized hydro colloid dressing. You know me, I like doing my research and examine how a product works. So…

What is hydrocolloid dressing?

hydrocolloid dressing is a wafer type of dressing that contains gel-forming agents in an adhesive compound laminated onto a flexible, water-resistant outer layer. Some formulations contain an alginate to increase absorption capabilities. It’s meant for wounds to reduce pain and accelerate healing. It is also non-breathable.

Now it’s starting to make sense to me. It kills the bacteria because it keeps it free from air, liquid, etc. It dries up the cystic pimple that way. So when we peel it off, the pimple is sort of dry and healed. Look at the next photo and prepared to be engrossed. Gross. LOL.


This is after wearing the patch for 8 hours. I was planning to leave it on longer but macho kid accidentally removed it. I was like WTF. It actually works?! My huge-ass zit wasn’t 100% clear and I had to put on another patch but this is great for emergencies! It sorta helps conceal the redness to because patch is a semi-opaque skin-tone. It’s light colored so I hope they also make a patch for darker skinned people.

It’s always out of stock so better hoard. Oh wait maybe I shouldn’t say that… HAHAHAHA




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