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5 Ways to Instantly Upgrade Any Look

Some accessories are just meant for elevating outfits and giving an extra touch to your look. Many people like to dress pretty basic and neutral and then have fun adding accessories based on the occasion. 

Here are 5 ways you can instantly upgrade any look:

• an elegant watch

An elegant watch is a staple for your wardrobe thatyou will love and it makes for a great piece to pass it down to loved ones and future generations as well. Classic luxury timepieces, like Bulgari watches for example, are items that will upgrade your casual, formal and business looks and you will love forever.

 • good quality heels

A pair of shoes that elevates the way you feel, not to mention walk are always a great add to your look. Invest in a pair of good quality heels so you walk talk and confidently, and you can pair them with just about any outfit to take it to the next level. Your favorite tee and jean look? It will look elevated with a pair of great heels and that watch from above.

• dark denim

You can still rock denim for a more casual look, but elevate it by opting for dark denim rather than light. For a casual look, pair your denim with a tee and sneakers and bring a blazer when you want that third piece that adds something extra. Or you can swap in that pair of heels. 

• a colorful dress

While a LBD is a must-have, there is something special about a colorful dress. Take your time to find the perfect fit in your favorite color, and you just may end up wearing it way more than you think. Pair it with a pair of heels or heeled sandals for when you want to elevate it a bit more or even add a pair of statement earrings with an updo. 

• a stylish coat

A stylish coat is an essential piece to your wardrobe,because it not only adds in that extra layer for warmth but it can also pull your outfit together. Wear it for morning coffees out and trips to the market, as well as a fancy night out on the town and this piece will work for it all. 

• a chic purse

A chic purse is one that you will probably find yourself reaching for more often than you may expect. You can elevate a casual outfit instantly with a chic purse,even with an otherwise minimal look. Wear it with a simple monochrome look, such as a pair of trousers, top of the same color, and a shoe of your choice. The added chic purse and perhaps a stylish coat pull it all together and really elevate it. 

While these are all great items, it is important to keep in mind that you always want to get your clothes fitted, as this can really make a difference in your overall look.

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