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Effective Skincare Tips For Women In Their 40s

They say life begins at 40 and everything up to that point is merely practice. While this is likely to be true regarding experience, confidence, and knowing what you want from life, it doesn’t prevent the natural aging process.

The simple fact is you can’t look like you’re 20 when you’re 40 unless you get a little help. Fortunately, you’re in the right place to get all the help you need. The following skin care tips will help you to look your best every day and fight the aging process.

The Right Cleansing product

The key to healthy-looking skin is to keep it moisturized and ensure the moisture stays locked in. That means you need to find a cleanser that matches your skin type and helps to ensure moisture is retained. 

There are several great options to choose from in the Dermalogica range. Critically, they use natural ingredients to ensure you get the best possible result. 

Exfoliate daily

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and it regularly reproduces. Old skin cells die and sit on the surface of your skin as new ones appear. If you don’t remove the skin cells the skin won’t be able to breathe properly. In short, you’ll develop blocked pores, spots, and even blotchy skin.

Exfoliating daily with a glove or similar product and an exfoliating cleanser will allow your skin to breathe and give it a glow. 

Hydrate More

The average person is 60% water. You lose water throughout the day for a variety of reasons and need to replenish it. What you may not realize is that water carries proteins to cells and removes toxins. Increase your water intake and your skin will be healthier and develop the natural shine that you want. 

Sleep Enough

Experts recommend you sleep for between 6-8 hours per night. Of course, the figure is subjective according to what your body needs. You know how much sleep you need to function properly and feel alert all day. 

Make sure you get the sleep you need because this is when your body heals itself. Allowing it time to repair damage will help your overall health as well as the appearance of your skin. 

Use Sun Lotion

Most people are now aware of the damage that the sun can do to skin and how much it ages your skin. Simply using a good quality sun lotion and reapplying it regularly is essential if you want to keep your skin looking good. 


Using the above techniques will help your skin to look its best. However, there is no harm in giving it a helping hand. Take a look at the array of treatments on offer, including microdermabrasion, laser treatment, and even peels. 

It is best to do a little research first to ensure you will be happy with the results. But, the right treatment can knock years off your skin. This will allow you to look and feel your best, regardless of the occasion.

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