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6 Things to Keep in Mind When Resigning

Not happy with the current job or found a better one? Want to resign but do not know how to ease the news to the manager? Well search no further. This article is all about how to resign and keep your dignity and good relations, at the end of the conversation, with your manager.

Here are six things you must always keep in mind when resigning:

1. Think Twice

Do not be impulsive and avoid making any rash decisions. Yes, it is great that you found a new job but before leaving, think of five reasons why this job is better than the previous one. If the five reasons are worth it, then go ahead and submit in your resignation letter. Besides, it is wise to discuss it with your wife, family and friends. They might know something about the new job which you are not aware of and that may change your mind.

2. Resignation Letter

The first thing to do is to start writing a resignation letter. Do not wake up one day and not decide to go to work. No, this is not the way to go about it. It may seem like a lot of work but many employers need it as a proof that it was not their voluntary decision but rather yours. Even if the organization does not need this letter, it is always smart and professional to submit one to your boss or manager. If you wish to leave the organization on good terms, then not only talk about your intention to leave but rather acknowledge the employer as well. Appreciate them for providing you with countless opportunities and developing distinctive qualities that have shaped you in to the successful person, you are today. This eases the transition for both the employer and the employee and helps to stay on good terms with the company.

Some important things to include in the letter:

· The date of submitting the letter

· The date of your last official work day

· A formal statement of resignation

· Signature at the bottom of the page

Search online and view a couple of sample letters and their formats to avoid any unprofessional errors. You can also give a farewell card or thank you letter to your employer to show heart-felt gratitude for their services.

3. Advanced Notice

Give the current employer a two weeks advanced notice, so that they have time to find a replacement. If you leave suddenly and without prior notice, then this may be inconvenient for the employer and put a strain in the work place. This allows the amount of time that you cover after submitting a resignation in the contract and prevents any cut in salary. In situations where your employer denies to pay you, you should consult with a local workers’ compensation attorney.

4. Stay Formal

Do not go to the office to submit the resignation letter in your casual clothes. This will definitely dilapidate your relations with the manager and the employer. It is best if you went to work in a formal attire, like always, and talked to the manager in person.

5. Stay Positive, Stay Focused

Do not get emotional when speaking to employer or manager. The last thing they need is a soppy employee. Stay professional and maintain your composure. Go in the office, take a seat in front of the manager, try to make a small talk, break the news to them and put the resignation letter in front of them. If they further prod for reasons, then let them know that you thought it was time for a change. Do not gloat about your new job even if it is ten times better than this one and never bad mouth about the employer.

6. Clean Up and Retrieve Your Stuff

After your resignation has been accepted, it is time you went in your cubicle or office and cleaned your mess up. Delete your personal files form the computer and check the drawers and cabinets for any personal belongings. Do not hasten and leave any file or belonging behind. However, return all company belongings such as hard drives, laptops, folders and files, and any authentic documents.

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