6 Tips to choose the right glasses for your eyes

When you were a child you wanted to wear glasses to look more like a
grown-up. But you have got older and have started to consider glasses to be a
horrible thing to put on when you really need ones. You are an adult now and
understand well that having contact lenses is not an only way out as they may
cause some inconvenience. And you regard glasses as a fashionable accessory not
just an annoying necessity. Barton Perreira
can prove that eyeglasses could be stylish, elegant and could
become an inseparable part of your image.


It’s not an easy task to choose the right glasses for your eyes as it’s
the question of size, shape, fit, and, of course, look. Here are 6 points to
help you choose the proper pair of glasses for your eyes. These tips may come
in handy especially when searching for glasses online. Designer reading glasses at
will be your purchase of a lifetime if you follow the following pieces of
The frame
size you choose is very important. The rightly selected frame should cover from
80 to 90 % of your vision field. It shouldn’t be too little as it could cause even
worse problems with your eyes or to large as in such a frame your eyes will
looker smaller than they really are which could cause discomfort. You can do a
quick test to check if the frame fits you perfectly. If you are not able to see
anything from the sides, the top and the bottom then it’s your size of the
As the
main function of glasses is to help you see better looking for glasses you
should take into account the distance between the lenses and your eyes. Writing
out a prescription an optician has to measure this distance to give you a more
exact prescription. If the thickness of the bridge of your nose is measured
correctly then strain on your eyes will be reduced, your eyeglasses won’t slip
down your nose, you won’t have red marks on your face and won’t have headaches.
If you
don’t want to have pains behind your ears pick up glasses with not too tight
arms. At the same time the arms of the glasses shouldn’t be too loose either
because in this case they will make the alignment not centered. A very
important aspect is to take out the right material for the arms of the glasses.
Some group of people could be allergic to plastic whereas the other might have
an allergy to metal.
Two types
of materials are known for lenses: plastic and glass. The main advantage of
lenses made of glass is that they could hardly be broken. That’s why it’s
mostly used by children and rough eyeglass wearers. Glass lenses are darker
than plastic ones and more fragile. Not so long ago only glass lenses were
available but nowadays both types of materials are used for glasses.
Nose pads
play an important role in having a pleasant experience wearing eyeglasses. It
would be perfect if they are made of soft material to feel comfortable on your
nose. They shouldn’t press down your nose and your eyelashes
shouldn’t touch your lenses. If any marks are formed on your nose it indicates
that the nose pads are too tight.
The center
alignment helps you see clearly and means that your lenses are just in front of
your eyes. Center alignment is significant in order not to have eye strain and
not to worsen your eye vision.

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