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Food Review: Taisho Ramen at Light Mall

I wouldn’t have dined in this place if it weren’t for my bus overheating and leaving us to evaporate under the heat of EDSA. Never again shall I ride a bus going to-from Lipa with JAC liner. They always break down. Well I was starving and good thing a mall is nearby. The Light Mall by SM along Edsa Pioneer. Gah I heard of Taisho Ramen from my cousin and she told me it’s one of the best she’s tried so I had to taste for myself.
I forgot to take a photo of the menu because my mind was to occupied to feasting right away. But their regular ramen price ranges from 350-500. It’s quite pricey when you take their location and ambiance in consideration. The restaurant feels very casual. Good thing they have set lunch menus that costs 199 and it already includes chicken, fried rice, iced tea, and half-bowl of their chasu ramen. Yes. I’m scrimpy like that hohoho.
Oh boy, their ramen sure is tasty! I might order the bigger bowl next time. It was perfect. It already had ground sesame seeds on top, a few drops of chili oil for spice (you can request this removed), and the pork broth that’s thick and savory. The noodles are firm, al-dente to the bite. Gahh.. the broth tasted like it’s been stewed for more than 8 hours (that’s a good thing). The chasu tender. Wow even their chicken and fried rice meal tastes delicious. A bang for my buck I must say!
My mouth is watering while writing this, but I’m not wishing my bus to break down again anytime soon LOL.

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