6 No Heat Hairstyle Tricks You Can Do In Less than 5 Minutes

How’s everyone doing? I’ve been missing a lot of action in the blogosphere recently because I am cuurrently preoccupied with office clearance since I quit work a couple of weeks ago. Yes. I’m finally “almost-free” ready to pursue my dream. On the other news, since I’m not good with segways; Today I’m sharing with you 6 super easy to make no heat hairstyle tricks you can do in 5 minutes or less. I found this from my friends’ facebook post which said
“Hay, mga babae, pag bored sa buhok pagupit ng pagupit! Kung hindi naman, pakulay ng pakulay. Pa-straight ng pa-straight or pa-kulot ng pa-kulot”
*sigh* women. Once they get bored with their hair it’s either they cut, the color, they rebond or they curl”

I remember the time I got so freaking bored with my hair that I colored it green.
So he shared a few “neat hairstyle tricks” so that us, women can style their hair without doing damage. Without further ado, here they are ^_^
Sweet Half Pony Tail

Princess Side Braid

Pabebe-hair (LOL)

Cutesy Half Braid

Super Bangs

The Butterfly

There you go! Neat tricks with your clips or elastic band to style your hair. I hope this helps somewhat in your daily activities. Try it and let me know!

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