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7 Unique Gifts for that Totally Unique Bride

While it’s usually a good idea to choose your main wedding gift from the couple’s registry, sometimes you want to give a couple extra unique gifts for that totally unique bride. Of course, that’s easier said than done, as it can be very hard to find something truly unique or something they don’t already have. There are a lot of options for you to choose from, but first, you need to figure what kind of couple they are, what they value and what is that one gift that would really make an impact. You can consider getting the bride a gown from white bridesmaid dresses uk but make sure you save enough money for it. 


But, let’s start with the beginning and take a look at our gift ideas. From wedding gifts ideas for wealthy couples who have everything to one-of-a-kind presents for quirky brides,  if it’s unique you need, you’ll find it below. 


  1. Gift Cards

Gift cards are one option that almost everyone loves. By giving the happy couple a gift card for their favorite store, you can be sure that your present will truly be appreciated. Of course, you don’t have to give them a store gift card.  If they value experiences over possessions, give them an AirBrb Gift card. This way they will be able to use it to visit their favorite destination and you will be happy knowing your gift meant something. 


  1. Artwork

Art is always a beautiful and unique gift.  Once they settle in in their new home, they will start redecorating to fit their needs and personalities. A beautiful framed painting can be exactly the thing they were looking for but maybe didn’t realize it. There are many pictures and photos from which you can choose and it’s surely going to be truly unique. You don’t even have to spend a fortune at a fancy gallery.  Amazon offers a large selection of unique artwork, especially in their Handmade section. It’s worth taking a look.  


  1. Passion related gifts

No, not that type of passion! Save that for the bachelorette party! Chances are you are close enough to at least one half of the couple to know exactly what their passions are and how they spend their time. Many couples like to go snorkeling together, paint together or even go yachting. Get them something that they can use when doing the things they love. You can also give them a personalized gift that is more subtle, such as a custom phone case that includes a photo from their engagement session. For example,  if your friends like to go rock climbing from time to time, there is a lot of equipment you can buy and can get most of them personalized. 


  1. Location Related Gifts


Everyone has at least one place in the world that’s just as special to them (if not more so) than the land they call home. Chances are, your celebrated couple also has a place like this and an amazing gift would be something specific to that location. Be it good wine and cheese from Paris or original matching kimonos from Japan, there are options for you to choose from and create a meaningful moment for them.


  1. Personalized gifts

This can be a long shot if you don’t know the couple, but you wouldn’t be searching for unique gifts if you didn’t. Depending on their style and activities, it shouldn’t be hard to find something they would truly enjoy on a daily basis. You can also give them a personalized gift that is more subtle, such as a custom phone case that includes a photo from their engagement session. There is a wide variety of personalized gifts you can choose from. Go ahead and search for the perfect gift. You can find a lot of personalizable gifts on Etsy and Amazon.


  1. Subscriptions

Because it would be really helpful for them to receive their favorite magazines or maybe monthly baskets of goods. The options are unlimited and you can have them receiving a lot of products from foods to decorations and it will surely be a surprise for months to come.


  1. A beautiful planner

Everyone can use a little more organization in their lives. While this doesn’t sound like a unique gift idea at first, there are countless planners in all different styles out there to choose from. Maybe you can give your favorite lesbian couple a Mrs and Mrs wedding planner book as an engagement gift to help them plan their big day. Or perhaps a travel planner to help them organize their honeymoon. Just choose one that speaks to their passions and personality. 


Yes, it can be hard to please everybody, but as long as your intentions are good and you thought everything thoroughly, there’s no reason to be stressed. There are many unique gifts for totally unique brides you can choose from that will be truly appreciated.  

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