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Part 2: 30 Easy Eyeshadow Ideas Step by Step for those New to Makeup

Magnif-eye. Make your eyes look bigger with this eye enlarging makeup tutorial O_O
Dare to wear bright green? Make it werk!
So yep, I scoured the world wide web to curate the best of the best eyeshadow tutorials that I can gather. I LOVE MAKEUP. Personally, I’m a neutral eyeshadow palette kind of gal but I’m leaning towards venturing out into new things. Let’s not re-invent the wheel. There are so many talented individuals here, makeup artists or enthusiasts who created these wonderful step-by-step eyeshadow tutorials and inspirations that we can follow.

An eyeshadow tutorial for girls who wear glasses

I’m absolutely in love with ths look!!! It instantly brightens your eyes!

Another eyeshadow idea for our neverending neutrals

Inspired by the New York Fashion Week

The easiest one-color smokey eye tutorial! Key: Blend blend blend

Reminds me of a peacock’s tail
Of peaches..

and Plums..
I will do these someday, maybe tomorrow. Soon. You’ll see it on my instagram account if you follow me. Until then, enjoy!
*hugs and kisses*

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