8 Best Tips to Teach Kids about Good Cleaning Habits

8 Best Tips to Teach Kids about Good Cleaning Habits

Young children do not easily understand the purpose of hygiene; parents should therefore take up the duty in early orientation in maintaining a healthy personality. More importantly as a parent, it is good to patient and gentle with your child as they learn good cleaning habits while following your footsteps.

The only way to keep it clean always is to involve your young ones by showing them the best cleaning habits.

In order to nurture children in a hygienic way, here are the best tips that one can consider for mentorship;

  • Being a role model

Need to keep your children in the right track? Rather than coming up/structuring a marathon core system for your children, consider leading by example. Basically, ensure that the house is always well organized. A good example is by investing in a proper cabinet system for proper storage.

  • Define the chores and ensure they are done to perfection
  1. Are you aware that most babies feel exited when given a major role to perform in the house? A sure way to mentor a responsible and hygienic generation is to define a routine chore that will keep the youngsters on toes. Focus on their strength and help them overcome the fears of failing. Moreover, teach them on how to use cleaning tools properly so that they can find it easier. Read more on top five dustbuster reviews to find the suitable one for your children.
  • Encouraging the youngsters through positive reinforcement

Another way to keep one motivated in any field is though performance appraisal. As an adult, always reward your one ones for any activity they perform without being asked, or any mess cleaned without you having to ask them to. Children value the attention from parents by taking pride when complimented in areas of duty.

  • Start by basic Personal hygiene orientation

Start with oral hygiene for a healthy dentals by showing them proper brushing way, nail hygiene to prevent breeding ground  for bacteria by keeping the nails short and clean, bathing habits by teaching them how to take a good bath while paying attention to some body parts and toilet hygiene by reminding them the proper use of toiletries.

  • Explain to the kids the importance of grooming

However hard it can be for kids familiarize themselves with good hygienic practices, some can easily grasp the details of infections like flu, running nose and diarrhea; this gives them the basis of importance of hygiene.

  • Make cleaning practices fun

Who thought the idea that that hygiene must be anchored? Make the best impression by making fun of a running nose, swing your hips while brushing and use soap bubbles to make a Mohawk hair on your babies while bathing. Teach your kids that cleaning their homes could be fun and entertaining.

  1. Make use of the internet and interactive videos.

While most kids use the internet to download games, think of installing apps for hygiene’s and games to keep them updated.

  1. Spend time with the child

Check the personal body hygiene, talk about bad smell or foul smell. Check the nails, nose and body parts like armpits if properly cleaned. While doing this, encourage them to build a good hygiene in order to keep of the foul smell.

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