Etude House April Favorites

Etude House Favorites this April

Hush now my darlings, I’ll be posting an individual review of my favorite product here, the Sugar Tint Balm which reminds me of moist japanese lipstick that just adds glow on  your lips without being sticky. The twist-off packaging is so secure and safe too! It’s long lasting and leaves a wonderful stain on your lips. I’m planning to purchase more shades *rave*


Beauty Shot Face Blur (Php 898.00)
This a primer with a lightweight formula that makes your makeup last longer and holds
your makeup in place even in the summer heat. Use Beauty Shot Face Blur and finish
with powder for that light summer look ready for photos.

Beauty Shot Face Blur has a 3-in-1 multi-filter effect just like on camera apps:

✦ Skin texture correction – Smoothes and softens the skin texture
✦ Pore & bump correction – Blurs uneven skin, minimizes pores and bumps
✦ Skin tone correction – Brightens dull skin tone

Tip: Use Beauty Shot Face Blur and set with powder and have some summer fun!

Sunprise (Php 478.00 – 678.00)
Meet your Perfect summer companion, Etude House’s Sunprise sunscreens! These
sunscreens are the total package with Anti-Aging Sun Care, while protecting you from
harmful UV rays.

Key Ingredients:
✦ Carex Humilis. Light-reflecting plant ingredient to help lessen sun damage
✦ Acai Berry and Acerola. Antioxidants to protect skin from UV Rays
✦ Aloe Vera & Linden Flower. Soothing and protecting skin from UVB Rays
✦ Vita D Max. Self-supplying Vitamin D for skin nutrition

Tip: Sunscreens shouldn’t only be for the summer, keep yourself protected all year

Sunprise Must Daily SPF50+/PA+++ (Php 478.00) A smart sunscreen that does it all! It
protects your skin from UV rays while taking care of it with a moist, and non-sticky gel
texture that feels fresh on skin without the white cast. Perfect for everyday use.

Sunprise All Proof SPF50+/PA+++ (Php 478.00) A powerful performance sunscreen
with multi-protection of Anti-UV + Anti-Melanin + Sand proof + Whitening & Wrinkle
Care . Plus, this sunscreen won’t stain your clothes.

Sunprise Super Aqua SPF35/PA++ (Php 478.00) A surprisingly fresh and effective
daily sunblock that also provides enough hydration for skin leaving it soft and fresh.

Sunprise Natural Corrector SPF50+/PA+++ (Php 498.00) A makeup base and sunblock
in one for a smooth base ready for makeup application while still having effective sun
protection. This sunscreen has whitening and wrinkle care properties of Niacinamide
and Adenosine to brighten up your skin tone and improve skin elasticity.

Sugar Tint Balm (Php 348.00)
This lip balm and lip tint in one comes in vibrant colors to finish your summer look! It
gently hugs your lips containing Jojoba Oil, Organic Argan Oil and vitamin E to
immediately moisturize and maintain soft lips for long hours. Its special formula melts
away dead skin cells, leaving only smooth and healthy lips!

Available in 8 colors:
✦ #1 Strawberry Milk ✦ #5 Pink Macaron
✦ #2 Cranberry Pie ✦ #6 Grapefruit Tea
✦ #3 Apple Kiss ✦ #7 Grape Jam
✦ #4 Tomato Ketchup ✦ #8 Blackberry Jam

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