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Achieve Subtle Eyebrows with Eye of Horus Brow Define

Today I’ll be showing you how to achieve subtle eyebrows on fleek using one product only!
What? Eye of Horus Brow Define in Husk
How much/price? 950php / 25USD
Where to buy? GlamourBox Philippines

Add shape, color, and definition to your brows with just one tool! The Ultimate Brow Define comes with a slim, pointed tip that easily draws hair on spots that need more coverage and easily fills in the shape of your brows naturally. It also comes with a spooley to brush brows and help the product blend in.

Comes in three shades:

Husk – Ask Blonde
Dynasty – Medium Brown
Nile – Dark Brown


Make sure your eyebrows are neatly groomed. I wax my eyebrows to shape them every 2 months, and then pluck the stray hairs on a weekly basis to keep them tidy.


The slim and slender shape is perfect to carry along, but then again you don’t have to because this eyebrow pencil will last until you take them off. It’s the perfect makeup warrior to wear for the active lifestyle.

How to Achieve Subtle Eyebrows


Lightly trace the shape of your brows and fill them in, starting from the thinner end then working your way up to the thicker end. I’m using here the shade Husk or Light Blonde.


Use the spooley end to brush hair evenly.


Use the spooley again to blend in the product and make the color look more natural.


When working out at the gym to exercise. Do my cardio and lift weights I only wear eyebrows. I suggest you do the same because applying foundation, cream or any form will clog your pores faster because it will mix with your sweat.
This eyebrow pencil is fool-proof even to those new to playing with makeup. It’s the perfect tool for practice, and even the advanced makeup users will still appreciate because of its superb staying power. I even recommended this product to my sister and will likely buy again! Definitely worth your 950 because a little goes a long way and this product will last you for a few months!

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