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How to Use Travalo – Airport Friendly Perfumes

How to use Travalo? Are you a perfume addict like I am? Do you wish to travel and bring ALL your perfumes with you? Do you always bring your HUGE bottle of perfume with you at work adding weight to your already heavy bag?


If you answered YES to any of the following then this is the product perfect for us! The Travalo, a compact container that lets us take our favorite fragrances wherever we go. I purchased one before at an airport in Singapore and I’m so glad they decided to bring it here. So worth it!


Where to buy? Travalo Philippines and I found one in SM Aura 2nd floor
How much?

How to Use Travalo

  1. Remove the cap & spray of your perfume only to leave the slim pointy tip
  2. Get your empty travalo bottle and place the slim pointy tip of your perfume inside the hole at the bottom of your travalo. Take note, at the bottom I made a mistake of putting both pointy tips together and wasted a lot of my perfume, only to realize after a few pumps I’ve been doing it wrong.
  3. Pump. pump. pump. Until your tiny travalo bottle is full! Yey! You can now take it with you wherever you go even on plane rides!



I own 3 Travalo Atomizers now and I have no regrets. I store my favorites; Chanel No. 5, Kenzo L’Amour, and CK 2 and take them wherever I go. I change my mind often and select my perfume depending on my mood, the weather and the occassion. Without the problems of back pain (LOL) and airplane liquid weight limits. I encourage you to go get yourself at least one Travalo Spray Atomizer. It’s different than the cheap ones you can buy anywhere as this is easier to use and is more secure. It’s also very classy to bring! That’s how to use Travalo!

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