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Ah Halo-Halo. Razon’s Halo-Halo Recipe and Review

Cliche as it sounds, the simplest ingredients can produce the best tasting meals. This does not exclude dessert. When it comes to halo-halo, what matters most for me is it’s creaminess and how fine the ice is. It’s frustrating when you mix the halo-halo only to end up with big chunks of ice you have to crush with your mouth, and bland tasting “soup”



My favorite halo-halo of all time is Razon’s. I’ve been a fan ever since my first spoonful way back in college, eating it together with my grandma 🙂 Brings back memories. I can savor the taste of the creamy flan on top. (I don’t it eat all, I spare some to mix).


What makes it special? It’s their ice. I saw in a TV show once that they make the ice with cassava starch, producing the smooth and silky texture when crushed. It also prevents it from chunking to big pieces.

Sure, it might only have sweetened bananas, macapuno, leche flan,and milk but that what makes it special too. The simple combination of these few ingredients blend like magic making each bite a sweet experience.

It’s currently priced at 100php per serving. I think you can make one yourself too if you’re scrimping or on a budget.


Razon’s Recipe


Halo Halo Recipe based on Razon’s
3 tbsp of sweetened plantains (saba)
3 tbsp of sweetened macapuno (sweetened coconut strips)
3 tbsp of leche flan (crème caramel custard)
2 cups of shaved or crushed ice
ÂĽ cup evaporated milk
2 tbsp of sweetened plantains syrup
Place all the first 2 ingredients into a tall clear glass. Add the crushed ice. Top it with leche flan (crème caramel custard). Pour about 2 tbsp of the sweetened plantain syrup then the evaporated milk. Serve.

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