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Anello Bag Japan – Fake vs Authentic – 5 Signs to Check

anello bag

anello bag

Anello Bags from Japan are the latest craze worldwide. Who wouldn’t want one? It’s sturdy, roomy, stylish, and most of all affordable. I even wonder why they produce fake when the price is relatively low. A standard sized Anello Backpack costs roughly around 80USD more or less. My very first was the pink one with the purple lining. It’s so gorgeous I had to get another one. This time around the bigger and elegant black. I spotted a fake anello bag in Divisoria 168 and it costs PHP350  (7USD).

So I though to myself, hey why not write a simple, easy to read post on how to check the authenticity of your bags by doing a side-by-side comparison with a counterfeit.

Anello Bag Japan – Fake vs Authentic – 5 Signs to Check

#1 Leather


The authentic Anello bag uses a dark colored leather that smells like real leather. The fake anello bag uses faux leather with a light brown color.

#2 Fabric


The authentic anello bag uses a thicker canvas cloth. The fake one has a flimsy feel to it.

#3 Inner Lining


The fake anello bag uses a light nylon fabric. The authentic bag has thick cotton.

#4 Zipper


The fake anello bag uses a shiny gold zipper, the authentic anello bag has is matte and silver.

#5 Stitching


This is the giveaway. The fabric and stitching says it all. The fake one has uneven ugly stitching. The authentic one is evenly made.


There ya go folks! I won’t be a hypocrite and say I won’t be using the fake bag (it’s already in my posession, might as well use it) but I will never buy another fake again. The quality is indeed far from real one. I have my pink bag for a year now and it’s still sturdy without any damage. I used the fake for a couple of weeks and it’s already showing signs of wear and tear.

You get what you pay for (most of the time). I hope you guys found my post helpful. SHARE this post if you do! ^_^

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