Green Morning Smoothie
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REVIEW: Watsons Nutrabliss Green Morning Smoothie

Green Morning Smoothie
Green Morning Smoothie

I am not ashamed to admit this but I “hate” eating vegetables. Can I blame my parents for not training me to love the taste? We eat food for sustenance, but recent times suggests we dine for our enjoyment as well. It takes mental conditioning and effort for me to partake in eating my veggies. I forcibly chew each bite to get that micro nutrients and fiber in my body.

How about you?

One fine day at Watsons (it’s always a fine day there IMO) when I needed to buy my anthistamines, I spotted this green box near the cash register. I took a closer look at the label and saw Green Morning Smoothie by Fine Japan (500php for a box of 5). It piqued my interest to the highest levels.

Fine Japan is known for producing one of the highest quality collagen and placenta supplements in the market. When I read the label, I was even more surprised. A list of greens, fruits, enzymes, vitamins, fiber, were included. Then, the cashier told me “Mam, 50% off po sya today”


Not only was I sold, I want YOU to try it for yourselves. Why? Continue reading my review (and watch my vlog too!)



Green Morning Smoothie

Homemade smoothie is predicted to be the No.1 easy healthy drinks in 2014 by Nikkei Inc. in Japan. However, it is not easy to continue making it. It takes time to prepare different kinds of vegetables and fruits, and use a blender. The good point of this product is that you do not need blender to make it. All you need to do is just to stir it after pour water to it. What’s more, it also combines with the camellia extract powder, psyllium husk, glucomannan to reduce appetite. It could be used as a diet meal or a nutritious drink to supplement vegetables. 

■camellia extract powder 100mg, psyllium husk, glucomannan to reduce appetite and makes you feel full. 
■219 kinds of food & enzyme 
■9500mg of dietary fiber
■11 kinds of vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and iron 
■No blender or shaker necessary. Just need to mix it with a spoon. 
■a measuring spoon is included



water-soluble dietary fiber, dextrin, barley grass powder, soy protein, concentrated plant enzyme( rice koji, pearl coix, apple, pineapple, grape skin・seed, banana, onion, kiwi, cabbage, pumpkin, tomato, carrot, green pepper, broccoli, orange, radish, pomegranate juice, brown rice, maitake mush-room, dried shiitake mushroom, rose hip, turmeric, barley, cinnamon, citron, ginger, pseudoginseng, jujube, Jew’s mallow, angelica keiskei, sweet potato, yam, soybean, glutinous millet, glutinous husked foxtail millet, barnyard millet, pearl barley, sorghum, red rice, red glutinous rice, black glutinous rice, green rice, curcuma aromatica, curcuma zedoaria, black-eyed pea, black bean), psyllium husk, camellia extract powder, juice powder(dextrin, concentrated orange juice, concentrated grape juice, concentrated apple juice, sugar, concentrated satsuma orange juice, concentrated blueberry juice, concentrated peach juice, branching oligosaccharide), glucomannan, dry powder of plant fermentation(dextrin, brown sugar, fruits・vegetable(orange, pineapple, banana, apple, papaya, guava, carrot, kiwi,others), wild grass extract(Pfaffia, rosemary, catuaba, murasakiipe, cat’s claw, others), grains(brown rice, long bean, corn, oats, barley, pea, cashew nuts, black sesame, millet, soybean, rye, others), seaweed(Undaria pinnatifida, kelp, laver), honey, plant fermented food(dextrin, beet sugar, brown sugar, maltose, artemisia princeps, turmeric, houttuynia cordata, aloe arborescens, ginseng, soybean, banana, yam, apple,others ), plant fermented extraxct(saccharide, fruits, vegetables, wild grasses, beans, mushrooms, seaweeds, cereals), banana puree, wild grass fermented extract(oligosaccharide, sugar, beet sugar, artemisia princeps, others), polysaccharide thickener, acidulant, shellfish Calcium, flavor, magnesium oxide, sweeteners(aspartame・L-phenylalanine compound, acesulfame K), V.C, iron pyrophosphate, extracted V.E, niacin, calcium pantothenate, V.B1, V.B6, V.B2, V.A, folic acid, V.D, V.B12

[Suggested Use] 
1. As a diet meal 
Mix 20g (2 measuring spoons) of this product with 200ml of water in a cup. Fully mix it with a spoon.
2. As a nutritious drink 
Mix 10g (1 measuring spoon) of this product with 100ml of water in a cup. Fully mix it with a spoon.

Green Morning Smoothie
Green Morning Smoothie


Packaging – It comes in a green box with 5 individual sachets. Handy and convenient because it lets you take 1 for travel or for emergencies, since this can also be taken as meal replacement. 

Ingredients – Still aint sold? Check out the ingredients list I wrote above. This green smoothie’s got more than 20 essential vitamins, minerals, and vegetables for the non-veggie eater like yourself (myself exactly HAHA)

Dosage – 1 to 2 sachets per day. You just mix it with cold water.

Taste – Tastes like banana juice 😀

Pros – 

  • Tastes good
  • Mixes well even with spoon
  • Travel friendly
  • Makes me eat 10 grams of vegetables (all the good stuff) without really eating them
  • Has fiber and good bacteria


  • Expensive AF. If this cost less than 100php per sachet it’s perfect!
  • Not available in all branches of Watsons




Now don’t get me wrong. Even with this in my pantry I’ll still make small attempts to include real vegetables in my diet. The Green Smoothie is heaven sent for people like me who really can’t tolerate the taste of most veggies. Especially the ones with strong flavor. 

I highly recommend this if you want greens in your diet without having to eat them. I’ll always keep a box or two in my shelf because it makes me feel better knowing that I’m taking vegetables without having to eat them.


A carnivore omnivore.





KikaySiKat Rating Scale Guide
1 – It should cease to exist on the planet.
2 – Troublesome. Caused negative reactions for me or made me feel bad.
3 – Boringly blah blah blah. Not good. Not bad. It’s like… nothing…so I’ll just give it away to someone who might like it more than I do.
4 – Wow. Amazeballs. It’s super effective! I’ll keep this in my stash for sure until I find something better.
5 – It’s irreplaceable! *ala Beyonce* (disclaimer:unless it gets discontinued boohoo)


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