The word bacon alone deserves an all-caps title on this post. Also while writing this I started from bottom-up. Crazy I know! Hahaha! I was invited to a bacon cook-off to well, get to know that bacon is more than just something to eat on its own. Sure, I like my bacon crispy with eggs, or on top of my pasta, or rolled into crunchy asparagus (ay that’s a lot na pala!) but there’s more to love in bacon than breakfast! Purefoods collaborated with several restaurants in the metro to serve special bacon dishes in their menu, thus Baconfest Manila was born! Woohoo!

photo credits: tetadventurer
I got to join the Team Bae! <3 We were assigned to cook a dessert made out of bacon. Chocolate dipped maple flavored bacon anyone? Honestly. the maple flavored bacon from purefoods has been a favorite of mine since way back. It smells like pancakes upon frying, and the sweetness really compliments the salt and fat of the bacon. Reading this, don’t you agree na I really like bacon ever since the world began?

The cook-off was also a cooking contest and guess what? We didn’t win anything! LOL but I’m so glad I got to experience cooking with the ladies of Team Bae. I wanted to eat the apple something pork bacon something of Earth’s team and I was expecting it to be served after the contest, but we didn’t get to eat any of our team’s or the other team’s dishes which disappointed me a bit.

A photo with Joyce Pring made my day tho. She’s so cool and hot at the same time to take a back-shot of our tattoos together *kilig*

photo credits: tetadventurer
Despite not being able to taste our cook-off dishes, they served us food here at Torch Greenbelt. Everything baconized. My favorite is this simple but oh so yummy carbonara topped with poach egg and bacon. It was also the only meal I can eat because I just got braces. So hard to chew ha!

Actually if you visit 5 of their partner restaurants and eat at least 1 bacon dish per trip, you get the chance to win Apple products like an iphone 6, and an ipad! Here’s how to join their cool contest


  1. Snap a photo of your baconized dish
  2. Caption it with 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5, 5/5
  3. Tag @baconfestmnl with their official hashtags #BaconFestMNL and #BiteTheLove
It’s that simple!
John and I are planning to partake in the contest as well so I guess we’ll be your competition? 😛

Click to see all the partner restaurants. 


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