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Loreal Miss Manga Mascara Review + SALE Announcement

What? L’Oreal Paris Miss Manga Mascara
How much? 500PHP
Where to buy? L’Oreal Beauty Counters at SM Beauty, Robinson’s Department Stores, Watson’s etc.
Off topic: My hair is colored turquoise now by the way! Hehehe.. Can’t wait to share the deets with you. Okay, ready, go. To tell you the truth, and if you’ve been reading some of my makeup reviews on mascara, I’m a big FAN of Japanese Mascaras. They’re the only mascara products that give me long lasting luscious curls, volume, and length, albeit the drawback of being tough as hell to remove.
I set my expectations on L’Oreal’s Miss Manga Mascara. Inspired by Japanese comics (called Manga, of course) where the girls’ eyes are emphasized with large size and lush lashes. If you’re still not familiar with what a manga is, here’s a perfect example. Sailormoon! Although I prefer shonen (action packed manga, ex: naruto, bleach, one piece) than shoujo (girly manga: boys be, sailormoon)
My favorite sailor senshi is Sailor Jupiter!

 What L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara Claims and Promises

  • It has a special arched brush design to curl stick straight asian lashes
  • It has a light airy formula to make sure the curl stays in place
  • 10x volume
  • 24hr wear, 12h sweat proof
  • Brush designed to easily be applied to top and bottom lashes
  • 2x curl, no need for lash curler

A picture paints a thousand words

L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara Review

As I mentioned earlier, I set my expectations with this one but OMG IM SO EFFIN LOVIN THE MASCARA ON MY LASHES OMFG. Haha! No kidding! No exaggeration! I’ve been using this mascara on a daily basis because I absolutely adore how this applies on my thin, thin, lashes. Look at the photo above, it looks like I’m wearing light falsies right? right?
I use 2 coats on this one. One of my main concerns with volumizing mascaras is their tendency to clump and flake. This one doesn’t clump  and stands true that it lasts the whole day. It also removes easily with soap/water. Nothing fancy. Its brush also grabs each lash on my lids ensuring
Will I buy again? Definitely. This product right here is going to my “favorites” bin. I might ditch some of my jap mascaras for this one.


L’oreal is having their super super special sale for this month of May, everything is at 45% off. You might have heard this from hush hush sources but I’m confirming. THE CHISMIS IS TRUE.