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BB Cream and CC Cream Difference

After the popularity and success that BB Cream had with women all over the world who is looking for makeup that combines skincare, foundation, concealer, and sun protection in one product. Here comes the CC cream. But what is the difference between BB cream and CC cream besides the letters? That to the male population is similar to a woman’s boob cup size. (Did you know there’s a DD cream as well) Haha!

Let’s try to compare 2 products side by side. A BB cream and a CC cream as an example and see if they really do are far apart

BB Cream – Hanskin SUPER 3 solution BB Cream (full review here)

CC Cream – MIZON CC Aura Cream (full review here)

In summary, CC cream is generally more sheer, and a lighter version of the BB cream. I believed this cream can be used even with people with dark skin tones. This is a must for those looking for BB cream for dark skin. Since it is almost colorless especially those colored white (CC cream adjusts to your natural skin tone). It is more natural and can even be used by guys who look to having good skin as well.

However, BB cream wins for people suffering from acne scars or post healing to cover them up while providing protection. But make sure to Try Before You Buy so not to waste money because with all the brands of BB Cream and CC cream coming out, there are some ingredients that may cause you allergic skin reactions.

Hope this helps you guys 😉 Will post more soon!

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