cute dog showing teeth
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Best Ways For Preventing Canine Cancer

Best Ways For Preventing Canine Cancer

As a dog owner, it is important to know that one of three canines die due to cancer. Cancer is the medical condition that occurs when the DNA gets damaged by carcinogens. This explains why it is possible for you to prevent your dog from developing the deadly disease, as your pet’s body is designed with a natural gene called p53 to combat the cancerous cells. However, if your pet dog is continuously exposed to viruses and toxins, then it can damage the gene and prevent its ability to protect it against the spread of cancer cells. It is easy to prevent canine cancer by taking a few actionable steps to stay assured your furry family member is healthy and fit.

Tips For Preventing Cancer In Dogs

It is true that most of the dog owners are not aware of the condition, canine cancer, which is why they have to check out the Blue Buffalo pet cancer awareness to know how the disease can be prevented easily.

cute dog showing teeth
cute dog showing teeth

1. Use Natural Products

Be it a disinfectant for your home or a cleaner for your vehicle make sure that such products do not have any hormone altering chemicals or toxic substances, which can be fatal for your pets. Avoid buying those products that have carcinogenic ingredients like Pyriproxyfen, Permethrin, etc. that can lead to the development of tumors and cancer cells. Choose organic weedicides, lawn chemicals, and pesticides to have a natural garden that will not affect your dog’s health when you are playing on the lawn. Do not choose those products that are free from bleach, Methoxydiglycol, 2-butoxyethanol, Nonylphenol ethoxylate, Phthalates, and Ammonia, as these toxins can lead to the development of fatty tumors.

2. Neutering and Spaying

If you are planning for neutering or spaying your dog, make sure you do it when your dog is above 18 months of age. If you sterilize, neuter or spay your dog when still young, it can increase the risk of developing osteosarcoma and bone cancer.

3. Opt For Less Amount Of Vaccinations

Vaccines can hinder the immunity system of your four-legged friends, as it acts as an immunity shield against a specific disease and leaves the cancer-fighting cells vulnerable.

In short, most of the canine vaccines will cause severe damage to the p53 genes that protect against cancer. If your vet advises vaccination for your dog, choose a core vaccination that would protect your pet for life.

4. Perform Tumor Checks

Make sure to check your dog for any lumps or tumors once a month to stay assured that your pet is safe and healthy. Run your hands over the dog’s body and check for small unusual growths. If you have a spayed female dog, then focus on the area in and around the nipples, as dogs develop mammary tumors, which is the first sign of developing breast cancer. If you find a mall lump on your dog, then fix an appointment with your vet to diagnose the condition at its earliest stage.

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