BDJ December 2014 Unboxing: COVERGIRL


Dress: Just G Shoes: Skechers GoWalk  (My feet are addicted)

Covergirl. Tada!

BDJ has yet raised its bar higher with their December Box for 2014. When I first opened it I said, oh cool Covergirl Cosmetics. I love their blush-ons, pressed powder and mascara so I’m quite giddy when I started opening the box. This costs their regular 595php mind you. I was expecting tiny sample sizes just like the one from last month’s BDJ Box of November Sweet Shoppe by Benefit.

WTF OMG WWSBD (what would sponge bob do). Is this even real? Or is it fantasy? Caught in a landslide no escape from reality? Holy mother of  makeup! Everything is in full size! When I saw this I just gasped! When you purchase each makeup individually in the department stores a product would cost more or less 500 pesos each. So this box is like… x10 of it’s worth? 2,500++ worth of cosmetics in this box. WOW BDJ did it again. It exceeded my measly expectations. And look Katy Perry is their new face. So what’s in it?

Covergirl Cheekers in Pretty Peach 

Yay for cheekers! I used to buy this in the US all the time!!! These blushes are high in pigment, blends well with skin and lasts a long long time. Throw away the brush because it’s scratchy and useless but the product itself is something to love.
Covergirl Eye Enhancers in Urban Basics (eyeshadow)

I haven’t tried their shadows yet but this neutral eyeshadow palette looks promising
Covergirl Lashblast Length in Very Black

Covergirl TruBlend  Liquid and Powder Foundation 

*sighs* Ah this foundation is so smooth and silky to put on and it’s so easy to blend thus the blendable minerals tagline. 
So for this month’s box you get a COMPLETE make-up kit from blush mascara eyeshadow and foundation! It’s like getting your Christmas gift in advance. You know what, it’s worth it to subscribe to BDJ every single month. They raise the bar and you don’t get disappointed. They curate the best beauty boxes that’s worth (even more) your peso. Before I had doubts, I was hesitant to subscribe to boxes like this because you don’t know what you’re going to get. I even had a very disappointing experience with a different subscription box before that *promised* to send one each month and then suddenly sending me a note with
We will send another box once we have filled up our sample supply, we do not guarantee a box each month
When in reality they ASK for 1 month, 3 month, 6 month subscription. Curious? Leave a comment and I’ll answer you what brand this is. 

That’s why I’m sticking to BDJ for life and you should too


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