Hiyang Papaya Soap Review

This review will be short and sweet because I switched brands after a couple of weeks of using Hiyang Papaya Herbal Soap.  They said this is the first pure and natural traditionally processed filipino organic soap. Wow, even first than Likas? After doing my reasearch I discovered it’s just a new brand. Their packaging looks classic lang! 
What? Hiyang Skin Whitening Papaya Herbal Soap
How much? 65php/145 grams
Where to buy? Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores


It smells like cotton candy. It’s different from the usual melon or orange scents that most whitening soap that’s colored orange has. It’s also very BIG. It has a lot of product considering how cheap it is. at 65php per bar. The big question is, they didn’t put in the ingredients list which puts a lot of question marks on top of my head. They claim it’s pure. Where’s the proof?  It stings worse than Koji-San.  It stings to the highest heavens I’d rather stop than wait for it’s effects to show up.
Shh.. but the soap I’m loving now is GLUPA (grabe even their whitening cream and whitening lotion is sooooooo goood)

PS I also use GT Carrot Soap and about to try Sutla Papaya Soap too! I can’t wait! I missed this!


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