[Photo & Video Heavy]Sonic Carnival 2014 : KikaysiKat Goes EDM Rave Parties

NERVO for Sonic Carnival 2014
Boom! Clap! Sometimes I wonder if I’m ever too old for music festivals like this but c’mon guys, age is just and always be a number. Last Friday, December 12 2014 was another grand party for Sonic Carnival featuring the hottest local and foreign DJs of the season. I’ve been enjoying EDM and raving lately and I don’t know why. The hypes, the drops, the beats. People jumping up and down and partying like there’s no tomorrow. It’s sort of the millenials way of expressing their unity. Or… they just want to rebel. Or… they just want to hook up.. Or… they just like the music.. Or… there are many reasons why people go! 
So why did I go?
I came to enjoy the music and observe the crowd. Immersing yourself in a pool of different people sort of makes you wiser. Even in slight interaction.
 Young. Old. Conservative. Provocative. Single. Pair. Groups.
Not to mention the rainbow glowsticks!!!!



Also featuring:

DJ Ace Ramos, Katsy Lee, Deuce Manila, Funk Avy, DJ Euric, DJ Ron Poe, Roda King
Half-past drunk

photo credits: Krish Sitlani

 Stage up-close thanks to Janica of Neverland Manila Ravers for these HQ shots!

C’mon dude! Better shots pleaaaase

 Will you look at that! Did you know that there are groups online that get together for the sole purpose of friendship and going to rave parties together? Hello to my Neverland Manila Raver friends!
photo credits: Sonic Carnival Facebook Page

It’s best to come in with friends!

1. Rating: 9.5/10

2. One of the best festival in the country

3. Great crowd

4. Awesome DJ line up both local and international

5. Audio and visuals/lights are good

A hearty congratulations for another successful Sonic Carnival. Looking forward to 2015 and more rave parties to come!  I’m forever 18! (Thanks to beauty supplements 4 life!)


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