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Tony Moly Baby Aura CC Cream Review (Photos, Review, Swatches)

I always get excited when it comes to reviewing Korean or Japanese makeup. I just love how they formulate their products to suit asian skin like ours. This time, I’ll be featuring a CC Cream from Tony Moly. This is the first time that I will be trying Tony Moly, a budding korean makeup brand here in the Philippines. You can check my old post if you want to learn What’s the Difference between BB Cream and CC cream. It’s very detailed and includes a chart to guide you. The detailed review for this CC cream is down below!

Tony Moly Baby Aura CC Cream Price  – Php 978.00


Tony Moly Baby Aura CC Cream Packaging

This CC cream comes in a very cute pink compact that comes with a soft useable sponge. The sponge that comes with it is enclosed separately. You have to open another layer to reveal the product inside. I like how that’s made. It’s a bit clunky and chunky. It also has a large mirror for easy retouches. This is very handy if you want to bring your CC cream in your hand bag.


Tony Moly Baby Aura CC Cream Box Description

The Luminous Baby Aura CC Balm contains the 8-in-1
benefits of CC cream in one cute pact. It contains natural avocado peptide which protects the skin from
anti-oxidation. The beige swirl is the CC cream, while the white swirl
is the moisturizer. To use, puff
gently on the face and lightly tap with the fingers to even out.


If you look carefully, the Tony Moly Baby Aura CC cream is yellow-toned. Yellow-toned CC Creams are perfect for most Asian skintone.


How to Apply Tony Moly Baby Aura CC Cream

It says in the instructions that you should use the sponge to apply it in a patting motion. That takes too much time so I prefer just spreading it on evenly on my face. You can also use your fingers but I don’t think it’s very hygienic. The CC cream easily spreads and blends.
Left Side: No Makeup Right Side: With Tony Moly CC Cream
You can see that I only put the CC cream on the left side of my face. It doesn’t have much coverage but you can see how it evened out my skin tone and actually reduced the darkness of my eyelids and eyebags. It may look scary bright and light at first but with its minimal coverage it shouldn’t be much of a difference with your normal skin shade


Full Faced with Tony Moly CC Cream

Tada! My face looks fresh and even. Not too light no?

Tone: It has a yellow-undertone
Texture: Creamy, a bit on the oiler side of the spectrum
Scent: Super super faint floral scent. Barely noticeable but pleasant.
Staying Power: 3 hours. I’ll be happier if it lasted long, but with it’s compact casing I can retouch anywhere so it’s no big deal. 
Skin Benefits: Based on it’s description, it keeps skintone bright. Oh and the usual BB cream claims of anti-aging and skin-whitening. It’s active ingredients? Arbutin and Hyalauronic Acid
Coverage: 4/10. With CC creams, I really don’t expect coverage but this is really enough to even out and smoothen your skin.
Glowiness: 5/10. It’s radiance will depend on your skin type. I had my friend try this on and she had dry skin and it did not look glowy on her. Just normal. I tried it on and it’s very very glowy! IT sort of boosts what you naturally have.
Oil Control: 3/10. It doesn’t work to control oil, rather than to really color correct your skin.
Will I buy again? With the right circumstances? Yes. I like this better than it’s Face Shop CC Cream counterpart. I forgot what’s the name of that CC cream but I didn’t like it so much because  it broke me out.
Who do I recommend it to? I recommend this to girls who wants that natural no-makeup look, girls who are no-fuss and carefree! 

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