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Being Bipolar: Spiraling to Depression Once Again

When I was a kid.. I always said goodnight to my lolo and lola.. before going to bed.. I will say “Good Na!”
Naalala ko lang ulit ngayon.. I’m feeling depressed when I realized I can call them via FB.. so I did.. no regrets.. buti na lang lolo was able to answer the call.. I noticed he’s still online kasi he was liking my new uploads.
I’m still depressed. Pero somehow getting to talk to my lolo and lola.. still comforts me. Just like how they did when I was younger…
I’m scared. They’re getting old and I’m scared of losing them.
I still cant sleep. I’m still crying..
My lola’s condition triggered my depressive cycle so i cant sleep right now. I’m worried. I’m scared. I hate life. Why does life have to exist? Hindi na lang blank lahat. Anong sense? Birth. Life. Death. We all end up dead anyway. May mabubuhay may mamamatay. Lahat tayo nasasaktan.

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