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Easy Protein Cheat Sheet – 17 Sources of REAL PROTEIN


protein sources

Hello! Today I’ll be sharing with you an easy to digest cheatsheet for protein. Protein is the best building block of our body. It has amino acids that is essential to provide us enzymes, hormones, and anti-bodies. You can refer to my Hit Your Target Protein Everyday – Why is Protein Important? (article to be published soon) post for a deeper understanding. But today, this will just be a simple guide on 17 sources of protein. A cheatsheet.

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Easy Protein Cheat Sheet – 17 Sources of REAL PROTEIN


These protein sources will be helpful for vegans and vegetarians. It will be harder to hit your target because vegetables have a lower protein count than meat.

#17 Spinach – 3g protein / 100g

#16 Kale – 4g protein / 100g

#15 Broccoli – 4g protein / 100g



Make sure you’re getting lean meat. Any lower than 93% and you’ll be getting more fat instead of protein

#14 Steak – 23g protein / 4 oz

#13 Lean Ground Beef – 21g protein / 4 oz

#12 Boneless Pork Chops  (fat removed) – 26g protein / 4/oz

#11 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast – 24g / 4 oz

#10 Turkey Breast – 24g / 4 oz



#9 Halibut – 23g / 4oz

#8 Salmon – 23g / 4oz

#7 Tilapia – 21g / 4oz

#6 Lobster – 17g / 4oz

#5 Octopus – 25g / 4oz

#4 Yellowfin Tuna – 21g / 4oz

#3 Shrimp – 21g / 3oz



#2 Protein Powder – Approx 21g / scoop

#1 Protein Bars – 20g / bar



I usually drink 1 scoop of protein powder as breakfast in the morning. This secures me of 25g of protein instantly! I hope you find this guide useful 🙂



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